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Ernest's Marine Centre

M’Xlokk, Malta | Fishing Tackle

Do you need Fishing Tackle? We stock a wide range of tackle and supplies for the commercial and recreational fisherman. Come visit our shop in Marsaxlokk for all your fishing needs.

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Mister Fish - Fishing Tackle

Iklin, Malta ( +2 more locations ) | Fishing Tackle

We at Mister Fish - Fishing Tackle in Iklin, present our clients with range of fishing supplies. At our store you can find a range of tackle boxes, swivels, live bait, rods & sinkers. Visit us today for more information on the stock that we hold.

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Fishing Frenzy

Zabbar, Malta | Fishing Tackle

If fishing is your recreational hobby we got you covered with all the essentials you need! Whether fishing from shore or boat, we have the appropriate fishing tackle for you, ranging from rods, poles & reels to lures, hooks, baits & more! Visit us!

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Pirotta Fishing Centre

Gzira, Malta | Fishing Tackle

We at Pirotta Fishing Centre offer our clients a wide choice of fishing tackle and equipment which will suit all of your fishing needs. We sell fishing rods, jugs, reels, spools, lures, spinners, weights and floats.

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Sail n Fish

Victoria-Gozo Gozo | Fishing Tackle
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Pieta’, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Fishing Tackle

Do you have a passion for fishing? We can provide you with high-quality fishing tackle from only the best brands on the market. Whether you are a professional or amateur fisherman, you will surely find what you need at our shop in Pieta`.

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Mister Fish - Fishing Tackle

Fgura, Malta ( +2 more locations ) | Fishing Tackle

We at Mister Fish - Fishing Tackle in Fgura provide our clients with a range of supplies that provide them with a stellar fishing experience. The items and accessories that we hold in our store are made for amateur and professional fishermen alike.

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Mister Fish - Fishing Tackle

Gzira, Malta GZR ( +2 more locations ) | Fishing Tackle

We at Mister Fish - Fishing Tackle provide clients with a wide selection of fishing tackle & supplies which will provide useful in a range of situations. Whether you are planning on catching small fish or giant ones, at our store you can find it all.

  • Closed Now


Zebbug, Malta ( +1 more locations ) | Fishing Tackle

Do you love fishing? Shop from someone who shares your passion! Visit Angler in Zebbug for high-quality fishing tackle and other equipment. All you need is available under one roof. We also provide warranty repairs on Daiwa reels and rods.

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Buona Pesca Trading

Sta Venera, Malta | Fishing Tackle
  • Closed Now

Fieldsports Fishing & Adventure

Mellieha, Malta | Fishing Tackle
  • Closed Now

Fishin Fever

Rabat, Malta | Fishing Tackle
  • Closed Now

George Kacca u Sajd

M’Xlokk, Malta | Fishing Tackle
  • Closed Now


Kalkara, Malta | Fishing Tackle

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Fishing Tackle in Malta and Gozo

Being home to a diversity of fish species, the Maltese Islands offer unique fishing spots all along the shore. For this reason, fishing has been a favourite pastime amongst people of all ages and from all walks of life. Interested in trying out this hobby? Are you an experienced fishing master looking to restock supplies or upgrade your fishing gear? Check out the number of fishing stores in Malta to find any equipment or supplies you need for your next fishing adventure.

Why go fishing?

Fishing boasts a lot of benefits. Here are some reasons why you should try out this activity:

  • It's a kind of sport which anyone can take up, regardless of age or gender, as it doesn't need any specific fitness abilities
  • Being outside relishing the sea breeze is beneficial both for your body and your brain
  • It's a relaxing activity which can serve to relieve stress
  • It can serve as a bonding activity between friends or to generate new friendships
  • Fishing is an additional skill which would enhance your self fulfilment
  • It can provide you with fresh fish, which is well known to have several health benefits
  • Catching fish is an exciting thing to experience

When is the best time to go fishing in Malta?

Fishing in Malta is an activity which can be enjoyed all year round. Different months will enable you to catch different species of fish, but late summer is the best time to go fishing as water temperature would be higher than the norm. Additionally, May to December would be the best months for boat fishing.

With regards to the time of day, early mornings and late evenings are the best times to go fishing.

Where are the best places to go fishing in Malta?

With a large number of sandy and rocky shores around the Maltese Islands, fishing enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. Places like St Paul's Bay, Sliema, Xemxija, Mellieha, Valletta, Ghar Lapsi, Wied iz-Zurrieq and Marsaxlokk are popular fishing spots in Malta, while Marsalforn and Qbajjar are renowned places in Gozo. The fishing location you choose depends on the species you intend to catch. Harbours and sheltered bays, for instance, are home to the biggest fish species.

What are the most popular fishing techniques used in Malta?

With the large variety of fishing techniques in Malta, selecting the best one may be confounding. The technique you choose depends on the type of fish you want to catch. Most popular fish species which can be found around the Maltese Islands include mullet, bream, dorado (lampuka), swordfish, tuna, barracuda, amberjack, and many more shallow and deep water fish. The species you find depends on the temperature of the water, the fishing location you choose, and the time of year.

First and foremost, you need to choose between shore fishing and boat fishing. Shore fishing includes techniques such as pole fishing and spinning, and is recommended for beginners. On the other hand, boat fishing is more suitable for when you want to catch bigger fish. Techniques you can opt for include bottom fishing, trolling, jigging and sport fishing.

What type of fishing equipment will you find at fishing shops in Malta?

Fishing shops in Malta offer a wide selection of wholesale and retail supplies for both commercial and recreational use. They import various brands of the latest products related to both shore and boat fishing.

Here's a list of the most common fishing equipment and supplies found in various sizes and strengths:

  • Lures
  • Fishing rods: spinning, squid fishing, detachable, jigging and telescopic rods
  • Fishing poles
  • Fish hooks
  • Fishing reels: bait runner, spinning, trolling, jigging and electric fishing reels
  • Fishing baits: live bait (worms and shrimps), bait paste and liquid bait
  • Fishing nets
  • Fishing lines: fluorocarbon, monofilament and specialist lines
  • Ropes
  • Jigs
  • Fillet knives
  • Rod stands and pockets
  • Lamparas (fishing lights)
  • Marine safety equipment: life jackets, flares, buoys and fire extinguishers
  • Fishing tackle boxes to keep all gear organised and handy
  • Coolers for fish and bait
  • Waterproof clothing and footwear
  • Floaters & sinkers
  • Fishing kayaks
  • Marine electronics: marine cartography, chart-plotters, transducers, fish-finder units
  • Spearfishing gear: spearguns, wetsuits, flippers and diving masks

If you're still a beginner, worry not! The professional staff at fishing shops will be able to give you reliable advice and they'll get you geared up properly for your next fishing venture.

What services do fishing stores provide?

Apart from supplying a wide array of fishing equipment and accessories, a number of fishing shops also offer other services to their customers:

  • Fishing excursions 
  • Repairs on fishing tackle
  • Rod and reel care and maintenance
  • Fishing equipment delivery

Top Tips for fishing beginners

  • Carry out some research so you know what fish to look out for and to recognise which species you catch
  • Experiment with different fishing locations 
  • Go on a fishing excursion with a professional fisherman for a good intro to fishing
  • Keep away from edges to ensure safety at all times

Want to taste some of the most popular fish species in Malta? Visit one of the fish restaurants on Yellow or check out the number of fishmongers on Yellow if you want to attempt cooking a fish fillet yourself. 


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