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Learn how to save someone's life with First Aid Courses in Malta & Gozo.

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Apex Community Care Ltd

Zebbug, Malta | First Aid Courses

If you are looking for a proficient and reliable first aid course, Apex Community Care Ltd in Zebbug is offering a range of courses. From basic first aid to more advanced programmes, our courses will help you know how to act in emergency situations.

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International Safety Training College (ISTC)

B’Bugia, Malta | First Aid Courses

Worksite accidents can go from bad to worse in no time at all. We offer basic first aid training courses to ensure that companies are prepared to deal with virtually any worksite related injury or health concern.

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Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (E F R U)

Paola, Malta | First Aid Courses

The E.F.R.U have now launched a series of first aid courses that should not be missed. The first aid instructors carrying out the courses are under the voluntary umbrella of the E.F.R.U. You can apply now from our website.

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Malta Red Cross Society

Valletta, Malta | First Aid Courses

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First Aid Courses in Malta and Gozo

Want to learn how to save lives? Discover the range of first aid courses which are held on a regular basis by various organisations across Malta and Gozo. Learn how to deal with minor injuries and handle emergency life-threatening situations which require immediate attention, and help those in need in the most efficient way possible.

Why do first aid training?

The unexpected can occur at any time and on any day, and being certified as a first aider can help you manage an incident, keep injuries under control, enhance the chance of survival or reduce further injuries, and even save lives in life-threatening situations. The right skills and proper timing are vital in any medical emergency which may arise, until more advanced medical assistance can be provided. Carrying out the wrong procedure may cause more harm than good, so learning how to manage certain scenarios is crucial if you want to help others in the most effective way possible.

No matter what your background or kind of lifestyle is, being a certified first aider will always serve its purpose and the skills you learn will surely not go to waste. Whether you're a teacher, a childminder, a carer for elderly people or a parent, knowing first aid is an essential skill to master. If you're a business owner, having a first aider or two at work would surely benefit the whole company.

What does a first aid course involve?

The first aid course will teach you theoretical and practical skills through discussions and demonstrations. You'll learn how to assess an emergency situation, your responsibilities as a first aider, basic anatomy, actions required in common scenarios you may encounter, and also how to communicate with victims and paramedics.

During the course, you'll go through various scenarios and learn how to tackle such situations. You'll start from simple procedures (such as the recovery position and bandaging skills) to more challenging ones, such as CPR and the Heimlich manoeuvre. Basic training may also be provided on the use of certain equipment, such as the automated defibrillator.

Most common illnesses and injuries which you'll be trained in include minor cuts, choking, bleeding, burns, breathing difficulties, unconsciousness, diabetic emergencies, asthma attacks, seizures, strokes and heart attacks, hypothermia and heat strokes, allergic reactions, trauma, electrical shocks, poisoning, fractures and wounds.

Types of first aid courses

You'll find various courses tackling different aspects of first aid, from basic sessions for beginners, to more advanced and specialised courses. Common first aid courses include:

  • Paediatric first aid course

Designed for teachers, parents and carers, it focuses on newborns and children, as the injuries they sustain need to be tackled slightly different than adults

  • First aid at work

This is essential for industrial workplaces which are full of potential hazards.

  • First aid for restaurants

Crucial to cater for emergencies while dining, such as choking.

  • Sports first aid

Useful to learn how to manage sprains or sport related injuries if you work in a physical environment.

  • Marine first aid

Learn how to tackle seasickness, drowning, cold shock, and any other emergency which may occur while at sea.

  • First aid refresher

Certificate is only valid for 3 years, so refresher courses are carried out to help you refresh your skills and renew your certificate.

First Aid Course information

These courses are carried out by professional medical instructors in small classes or on an individual basis. There are no entry requirements, but you need to be in good health, literate in English or Maltese and over the minimum age (which will vary according to the organisation). Sessions may be held at the organisation's premises or even at a company's offices if it has several employees willing to follow the course.

Duration of first aid course

A basic first aid course is generally held in a span of 1-2 days, while more advanced courses would last a little longer. On completion of the sessions, you'll be assessed through a written exam and a practical test, after which you'll be awarded a certificate which remains valid for 3 years.

How much does a first aid course cost?

Cost will vary according to the type of course followed; an advanced first aid course would be more expensive than basic first aid. Special group prices may be offered, and some businesses also offer their employees the chance to attend this course for free.

Interested in more related courses? Check out health and safety courses offered by several organisations across Malta and Gozo.

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