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Remodelling Your Bathroom? Here Are 5 Tips To Choose Your Fixtures And Fittings

by E Grech Cristal Bath Ltd

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Whether you have just purchased a new house, or you are looking to remodel your current home, planning a bathroom can be one of the most overwhelming experiences. Bathrooms need a lot of careful planning, and that is why we at E.Grech Cristal Bath Ltd have written this helpful article for you. 

Here are five tips to choose the best fixtures and fittings for your bathroom. 

1. Choose your Fixtures wisely 

Like it or not, the toilet is the most important fixture in your bathroom. Not only do you need one that will last you a lifetime, but you need to make sure that the toilet you purchase is a low maintenance one that will also save you water. You can find a number of models at our store that will present you with water-saving features per flush. 

If you need a toilet that takes less time to clean, opt for a smooth glaze and a non-stick ceramic bowl, as this will need less maintenance than regular models. 


2. To bidet or not to bidet? 

Bidets. They honestly do not have a middle ground – people either absolutely love them or hate them with a vengeance. However, it is best to add fittings for your possible future bidet during your bathroom renovation – better be safe and have the fittings ready rather than needing a bidet in the future and having to remodel the whole bathroom all over again.

3. Layer your lighting 

Honestly, we cannot stress this enough. Bathrooms need at least three layers of lighting, these fixtures need to be distributed evenly – an eclectic mixture of ambient light, task lighting and accent lighting. You will need these layers for daily grooming tasks and to enhance your bathroom's decor and aesthetics.


4. Practicality over aesthetics 

When choosing plumbing fixtures it is best to pick out easy-to-use faucets. Nowadays you can find single-tap fixtures designed to present you with hot and cold water according to your preferences, rather than having two separate hot and cold taps.  You can also opt for sensor taps if you are looking to get a modern touch in your bathroom. 

5. Aesthetics still need to be considered 

Would you like a traditional or modern bathroom? Shiny or metallic finishes? Curves or defined anges? These are all questions which you need to consider. Remember that the bathroom is an extension to your home, so it needs to look aesthetically relevant to the rest of the house. You can also opt for transitional styles that mix the old with the new in a flowing and well-balanced manner. 

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