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HMS Group

Mosta, Malta | Skip Rental & Services
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Throwing away old furniture, clearing a home or getting rid of construction waste is a complete headache for anyone. However, we at HMS Group are here to make the job easier for you. Contact us today for our range of skip-hiring solutions.

  •   Residential & Commercial waste removal
  •   Delivery & pick-up of skip
  •   Skip hire service available everyday
  •   Small & Large skips
  •   Compliant service with local authorities
  •   Modern fleet of skip trucks

Portelli Weighing Systems

Rabat, Malta | Weighing Scales & Systems
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Find a variety of weighing scales for home, office, industries, labs, schools & retail! We bring the latest price computing scales, bathroom scales, medical scales, pallet scales, truck scales, modular scales & more! Repairs & calibrations too!

  •   Residential & Commercial weighing scales
  •   Portable weighing scales
  •   Computerised weighing systems
  •   Maintenance, Repairs & Calibrations
  •   Industrial hanging scales
  •   Educational scales for schools

Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Beauty Salon Equipment & Supplies
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

If you need equipment and supplies for your salon look no further, at Noriva Ltd we have all you might need, contact us now whether you need a massage bed or display counters we will help make your salon a dream come true at the best price possible.

  •   Professional salon equipment for beauticians
  •   Maintenance & repair services
  •   Modern hair removal equipment
  •   Durable beauty salon furniture
  •   Facials & slimming treaments equipment
  •   Delivering to Malta & Gozo

Electronic Products Ltd

Sta Venera, Malta | Weighing Scales & Systems
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Electronic Products Ltd provides a large selection of weighing machines ones that include touch screens for better service or even self service operations. We sell, rent and lease according to your needs.

  •   Selling DIBAL weighing scales
  •   Professional repairs & servicing
  •   Different types of weighing scales
  •   For residential & industral use
  •   Modern & digital weighing scales
  •   Weighing & labelling solutions

Deluxe Bathrooms

Ghajnsielem-Gozo, Gozo | Bathrooms
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We are retailers of bathrooms made from high-quality materials. Visit our showroom to view a vast range of bathroom fixtures, sinks, toilets, vanities, tiles & all the accessories you need for the perfect space. Free design & quotations.

  •   A range of bathroom suites
  •   Mixers & Bathroom Accessories
  •   Shower Cubicles & Sauna Units
  •   Modern Hydromassage Systems
  •   Bathroom Mirrors & Sanitaryware
  •   Exclusive brands under one roof

Victor Azzopardi Jewellers

Pieta’, Malta | Jewellers
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We are among the local leaders of high quality jewellery items and diamonds in Malta. Visit one of our stores today for expert advice and guidance on purchasing timeless pieces for yourself or a loved one.

  •   Internationally renowned pieces
  •   Locally crafted jewellery
  •   Diamonds experts
  •   Wedding & engagement jewellery
  •   Jewellery for him & her
  •   Watches & accessories

Paul Tonna Son of Santu Ltd

B’Kara, Malta | Glass Contractors
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We are Malta's market-leading glass company. From cutting, polishing, beveling and engraving to etching and laminating, when it comes to glass, there's nothing we can't do!

  •   Insulating glass with integrated blinds
  •   Luxurious glass balustrades
  •   Polishing & bevelling of glass
  •   Glass shower enclosures
  •   Made-to-Measure glass creations
  •   Glass wall units

St Anthony Woodworks Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Wooden Apertures
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Doors and windows are some of the most important aspects for the safety and look of a home, as well as for how it is perceived by others. With us at St Anthony Woodworks you will have apertures which are not just functional, but stylish as well.

  •   Made to measure wooden doors
  •   Doors, windows & more
  •   All types of wood
  •   Professional woodworking solutions
  •   Over 40 years of experience
  •   Aperture restoration services

AJ Electric

B’Kara, Malta | Lighting Fixtures
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

AJ Electric puts all its teams and skills at your service to effectively meet your lighting needs. Find a vast range of beautifully designed, durable and energy-saving indoor and outdoor lighting.

  •   Industrial & residential lighting
  •   Architectural lighting
  •   European brands
  •   Indoor & outdoor lighting
  •   Classic, retro & modern
  •   Switchgears & switchboards

Saliba Woodworks

Gudja, Malta | Carpenters
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Our skilled carpenters specialise in bespoke kitchens, staircases, walk-in wardrobes, Maltese-style balconies & custom furniture pieces. With exceptional quality & timeless designs we'll help you transform any space into a masterpiece. Call us!

  •   Maltese-style balconies
  •   Custom furniture pieces
  •   Main & internal doors
  •   Bespoke kitchens
  •   Tailored walk-in wardrobes
  •   Furniture installation

Playcraft Promotional Items

Luqa, Malta | T-Shirts
We Deliver

If you need high-quality merchandise, t-shirts with professional printing we are your solution! We have an extensive range of items which most of them are always in stock. We even provide designs and can deliver various items within 48 hours.

  •   Professional printing
  •   Most items always in stock
  •   Personalised T-shirts
  •   For corporate & casual events
  •   Different types of T-shirts
  •   Fully equippped with modern technology

Paul Tonna Son of Santu Ltd

B’Kara, Malta | Glass Doors
We Deliver

Our glass door systems are the solution you need to add a modern and elegant solution to the space in your home or business. We tailor-made solutions based on our clients' needs.

  •   Insulated glass doors
  •   Double-glazed glass doors
  •   Polishing & bevelling
  •   Glass shower doors
  •   Made-to-Measure solutions
  •   Installation included

Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Hair Accessories
We Deliver

Ensure your hair looks constantly great! Check out the wide range of hair accessories available at Noriva Ltd for premium hair styling and maintenance.

  •   Hair accessories
  •   Hair clips
  •   Hair salon equipment
  •   Hair brushes
  •   Hair paint supplies
  •   Hair styling supplies

R Grech & Son Ltd

B’Kara, Malta | Tools & Accessories
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Get the best tools & industrial supplies for professionals & DIY enthusiasts at great prices! Supplying a wide range of power & hand tools, gardening equipment, industrial cleaning equipment, workwear, air compressors, abrasives & more. Visit us!

  •   Metalworking Machinery
  •   Woodworking Machinery
  •   Cleaning Equipment
  •   High-Performance Tools
  •   LED Lighting
  •   Protective Workwear

Topserv Lifts Ltd

San Gwann, Malta | Lifts-Service, Repair & Modernisation
We Deliver

We offer maintenance, repair and modernisation lift services that can be paid for at your own pace as we believe that everyone has a right to easy and efficient mobility. We also offer 24/7 emergency services!

  •   24/7 emergency services
  •   Custom-made solutions
  •   Domestic & passenger lifts
  •   Hydraulic lifts
  •   Machine-roomless lifts
  •   Dumbwaiters & parking car lifts

Art At Home

Attard, Malta | Bedrooms
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Choose Art At Home for your furniture needs. We cater both for adults’ and kids’ bedrooms. Whether you want a bedroom made of pine, solid oak, African or American walnut, we bring you the best furniture in the market for the most economical prices

  •   Various wood materials & finishes
  •   Ready-made & tailor-made bedrooms
  •   Adults' & kids' bedrooms
  •   Wardrobes & bedside tables
  •   Double & single beds
  •   Affordable prices

AGF Turnkey Contractors

Mosta, Malta | Building Contractors
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

AGF Turnkey Contractors are here to provide you with a professional, timely and organised service. Their team of highly experienced and skilled workers offer outstanding quality and excellent services when it comes to construction-related needs.

  •   Small & large construction projects
  •   Restorations & alterations of structures
  •   On-site analysis & valuations
  •   Demolition & excavation works
  •   Tile & marble laying
  •   Experienced, organised & skilled team

Swaey Bros Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Crane & Hoist Hire
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Crane Hire, Boat Lifting & Haulage, Crane Sales, Crane repair, Crane Tyres, Safe load Indicators, Crane Parts & Hydraulic equipment, Safe load indicators

  •   Boat lifting & haulage solutions
  •   Crane & hoist rentals & sales
  •   Structural & hydraulic repairs
  •   Safe load indicator cranes
  •   Testing & certification
  •   Crane computer sales & repairs

Xuereb Installations Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Gypsum & Gypsum Products
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We specialise in a variety of gypsum products, including gypsum boards, partitions, coves and cornices, plasters, suspended ceiling tiles and more. We also have a variety of other DIY products and power tools so that you can get the job done right.

  •   Specialising in various gypsum creations
  •   Domestic & Commercial gypsum structures
  •   Gypsum walls & ceilings
  •   Soffits & gypsum boards
  •   Demountable gypsum partitions
  •   Bulkheads & gypsum features

C & V Polymers Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Waste Management
We Deliver

We are equipped with the fleet and manpower to take care of all your waste effectively and consistently as as it is our goal to provide the most dependable waste management in Malta. Contact us today!

  •   On-demand requests
  •   Waste collection
  •   Recyclable waste
  •   25 years of experience
  •   Shredding services
  •   Efficient & Consistent

JM Skip Hire

Swieqi, Malta | Waste Removal Services
We Deliver

Leave it in our hands to collect, transport & sort your unwanted items in the correct waste facilities available around Malta & Gozo. From domestic waste to garden waste, scrap metal & paper shredding, among others, we've got you covered.

  •   Skips available in different sizes
  •   Waste collection & transportation
  •   Site cleaning services
  •   Scrap metal collection
  •   Mobile paper shredding
  •   High-up & hook loader services


Luqa, Malta | Fire Protection Equipment & Supplies
We Deliver

Get in touch with us to know more about the range of fireproof garage doors & shutters for commercial & industrial use. We also bring you high-speed roll-up doors to ease traffic flow in case of fire emergencies. Talk to us!

  •   Fireproof garage doors
  •   Fireproof industrial shutters
  •   DYNACO high-speed roll-up doors
  •   Commercial & industrial applications
  •   Energy and cost saving
  •   Tightly sealed doors

Gozo Pools Ltd

Victoria-Gozo, Gozo | Swimming Pool Contractors
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Want to dive into the blue any time you want? We are the professional swimming pool contractors that can install, maintain and repair your pool at very competitive prices. Call us now for an on-site quotation. Find also pool chemicals and supplies.

  •   Installations, maintenance, repairs
  •   Indoor & outdoor pools
  •   Swimming pool chemicals
  •   Swimming pool mosaic tiles
  •   Pool cleaners & algaecides
  •   Anti-slip pool tiles

Electronic Products Ltd

Sta Venera, Malta | Coin & Note Machines
We Deliver

Contact Electronic Products Ltd today for innovative machinery for your business. We supply, service and repair coin and note machines at affordable prices. Our aim has always been to provide the best service to all our clients.

  •   Modern coin machine models
  •   Compact note machines
  •   False Euro notes detection
  •   Ideal for banks & gaming companies
  •   Expert machine services & repairs
  •   Suppliers to local & overseas businesses

KBL Services

Naxxar, Malta | Air Conditioners
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

If you require highly reliable and efficient air conditioner services, KBL Services is the perfect solution for you. Contact us today for more information!

  •   Air-condition installation
  •   Filter maintenance
  •   Filter replacement
  •   Industrial HVAC installation
  •   Ventilation and extraction
  •   A/C maintenance and repair

Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies Ltd

Gzira, Malta | Storage & Shelving Fixtures
We Deliver

Need customised storage & shelving solutions? Get in touch with us for a detailed quote - from design to installation we help you make the best use of the space in your warehouse, shop, supermarket or other. All our shelving frames are EU certified.

  •   Mobile shelving systems
  •   Drive-in shelving systems
  •   Tailor-designed configurations
  •   Made-to-measure frames
  •   EU-certified racking systems
  •   Made with hot-dipped galvanised steel

Eclipse House Ltd

Hamrun, Malta | Industrial Equipment & Supplies
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Our company provides a myriad of industrial equipment and supplies and also offers customers solutions that are adapted to their needs and are accompanied by fast and efficient personalised service with a smile.

  •   Welding fittings
  •   Flanges & valves
  •   Air & water hoses
  •   Bolts, nuts & washers
  •   Products available in different materials
  •   Suppliers of well-renowned brands

Xuereb Installations Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Soffits & Ceiling Materials
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Want to add a soffit to your ceiling? We have a variety of gypsum products and ceiling materials for you to create your perfect design. Our products include gypsum boards, ceiling tiles, LED light fittings, etc. Visit our page for more information.

  •   Fibre-reinforced gypsum boards
  •   Ceiling features & bulkheads
  •   Gypsum soffits
  •   Modern & classic designs
  •   A range of light fittings
  •   Gypsum tiles with different textures

Electronic Products Ltd

Sta Venera, Malta | Barcode Equipment & Systems
We Deliver

Whether you run a retail shop or are into warehousing, leisure or hospitality industries, Electronic Products Ltd brings you modern solutions. We bring you a variety of barcode equipment & systems such as barcode scanners, printers & more. Call!

  •   Product labelling tools
  •   Self-adhesive labels
  •   Barcode label printers
  •   Electronic shelf labelling
  •   Supplying retail & manufacturing industries
  •   Solutions for hospitality & leisure industries

The Hardware Store

Tarxien, Malta | Ironmongery & Hardware Stores
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Do you need any hardware for electrical jobs or for plumbing purposes? We at The Hardware Store are at your service with high quality products designed specifically to make any DIY project much more easy and efficient. Give us a shot!

  •   DIY essentials
  •   Household goods
  •   Gypsum supplies
  •   Interior & exterior paints
  •   Waterproofing supplies
  •   Key cutting service

Transpak Overseas Removals Ltd

Fgura, Malta | Overseas Removals
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We manufacture high quality packaging cases for domestic and commercial purposes both locally and internationally. With ultra-protective packaging materials, we take care of your household and commercial goods as if they were our very own.

  •   Domestic & International Transportation
  •   Packing & Shipping
  •   Fine Arts Transport
  •   High-quality Packing Material
  •   Customised Crates & Cases
  •   Tracking of Shipment Available

A M G Cold Stores Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Meats & Meat Products
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Our company is a well known name in the food delivery industry. It is synonymous with great quality and efficiency. From fresh rabbit, horse meat, chicken, and all kinds of beef to pork veal and more. Contact us today to place your order.

  •   Daily-fresh meat
  •   Internationally imported products
  •   Ready-cooked meat
  •   Punctual Deliveries
  •   Halal Certified
  •   All EU approved meats
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Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Hair Care Products
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Whether you have a salon in Malta or in Gozo contact us so that we can help you stock your salon to the best it can be. Our vast range of Dikson hair care and Keratin treatments are sure to make that possible. So choose Noriva Ltd.

  •   Professional hair care treatment products
  •   Supplying hairdressers & barber shops
  •   Revitalising hair products
  •   Hair styling products
  •   Products for all hair types
  •   Importers of Dikson hair products

General Automation Services

Paola, Malta | Garage Doors, Shutters & Gates
We Deliver

For garage doors that are aesthetically pleasing, will last and are manufactured by experts in the business you contact us right now for more information. We will provide you with a customised service each time.

  •   Very quick installation time
  •   Condoor garage doors
  •   Quick manufacturing solutions
  •   Tailor-designed garage doors
  •   High-quality materials
  •   Domestic & commercial solutions

4H2O Limited

B’Kara, Malta | Plastic Pipes & Pipe Fittings
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

If you are looking for excellent pipes and pipe fittings for domestic and industrial use our company is the perfect choice for you. Supplying from brands such as ATP, Mupro, Plastica Alfa, Tenaris and so much more makes us the ideal company.

  •   Push-fit piping
  •   Wide range of fittings
  •   Fusion PPR fittings
  •   Domestic plumbing solutions
  •   Different sizes available
  •   20mm to 500mm

Desana Marbles

Dingli, Malta | Kitchens
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We specialise in creating made-to-measure kitchen countertops made from the finest materials, namely marble, granite, and quartz. We choose and import raw materials directly from reliable sources, allowing us to offer the best pricing and services.

  •   Made-to-measure counter & kitchen tops
  •   Marble, granite & quartz
  •   Variety of colours & textures
  •   38 years of experience
  •   Sealing treatments
  •   Selection of matching edges
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J H Water Technology & Consultancy

Pembroke, Malta | Laboratories-Food & Water
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

JH Water Technology & Consultancy specialises in water testing and can provide you with all the water analysis you require to be compliant with local and EU regulations.

  •   Legionella analysis & risk assessment
  •   Swimming pool analysis
  •   Bowser water analysis
  •   Bacteriological analysis
  •   Borehole analysis
  •   Freshwater wells testing

Borg Cardona Pet Supplies

Balzan, Malta | Animal Feeds, Concentrates & Supplements
We Deliver

We have got you covered with any kind of animal feed, concentrates and supplements for all pets and animals, no matter how big or small. From rabbits, cats and dogs to goats and horses we've got everything you need!

  •   Top-brand products
  •   Affordable prices
  •   Bulk animal feed
  •   Variety of supplements
  •   Over 70 years experience
  •   Animal feeders
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Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies Ltd

Gzira, Malta | Refrigerated Display Counters
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

A wide choice of modern & highly efficient refrigerated display counters can be found at our store. Come see our range of vertical & horizontal display counter models now for your restaurant, supermarket or other catering establishment. 24hr support!

  •   Modern & cost-efficient
  •   Vertical & horizontal freezers
  •   Hinged or sliding models
  •   Remote monitoring of temperature
  •   24hr assistance provided
  •   LED features, fans & inverters

Eclipse House Ltd

Hamrun, Malta | Marine Equipment & Supplies
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We provide a myriad of services and stock items like marine supplies, bearings, industrial supplies, custom-made spring and more. You can find a vast range of items and under one roof and we guarantee great quality and reasonable prices.

  •   High-quality equipment
  •   Thermo-insulating tape & cords
  •   Gasket joint sheets
  •   Friction Lining
  •   Expanded Tape
  •   Quality at great prices

R C V Handling Machinery Ltd

B’Bugia, Malta | Forklift Trucks
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

RCV Handling Machinery imports and distributes Hyundai forklift trucks in Malta. You can choose to purchase or hire a truck and we also offer servicing and maintenance and stock spare parts for all trucks.

  •   Hyundai forklift trucks
  •   Short & long-term forklift hire
  •   Spare parts available
  •   Forklifts for sale
  •   Forklift repair services
  •   Ideal for warehouses & storages

JDB Digital Printing

Xewkija-Gozo, Gozo | Labels
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

At JDB Digital Printing we create custom-made labels for every situation and occasion. We make labels for ID cards, food labels, bottle labels, return labels, thank you stickers and much much more. Contact us today!

  •   Printed labels on rolls/sheets
  •   Any size, colour or shape
  •   Free working day deliveries
  •   Product labels or personalised gifts
  •   Food or jar label stickers
  •   Custom or template labels

ANT Removals

Tarxien, Malta | Furniture-Lifting
We Deliver

We are your go-to furniture lifting company for any kind of furniture and whatever type of building. Our lifter can take up to 400 kg in weight and go up to 14 storeys in height, simply let us know what you need and we will give you a free quotation.

Fairdeal Furniture

Zebbug, Malta | Furniture
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We have been in business now for more than 10 years and since then we have been trying to keep on improving on the high-quality products that are at competitive prices. we are bringing to the table a large selection of different furniture to you.

  •   Standard & made-to-measure furniture
  •   Various wall unit models
  •   Modern & classic kitchens
  •   A selection of dining tables
  •   Easy payment instalments
  •   Leather & fabric sofas

Transpak Overseas Removals Ltd

Fgura, Malta | Furniture Movers
We Deliver

Transpak Overseas Removals Ltd handles both household and commercial products. We have an international network of representatives enabling us to offer both locally and overseas pre-shipment surveys, and door-to-door shipping service for your goods

  •   HHGFAA members
  •   Worldwide network
  •   Local & international package handling
  •   CSQM Certified
  •   24hr response
  •   Art/machinery/commercial removals

Portelli Weighing Systems

Rabat, Malta | Packaging Machinery
We Deliver

When we take a look at years before us, we see how much they have evolved. Through this, it has made the lives easier and when it comes to packaging we have the right tools to help us get it done quicker and more efficiently.

  •   Modern packaging machinery
  •   Food processing machine
  •   Labelling machines
  •   Sealing machines
  •   Strapping machines
  •   All-in-one wrapping machines

Dexter Furniture Movers & Packers

Attard, Malta | Furniture Movers
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Make use of our excellent customer care service for furniture moving & other goods like appliances, gypsum boards or more of any size & weight. We have a fleet of 7 trucks & 4 lifters & provide SAME-DAY SERVICES! Call us now for a quote!

  •   Furniture Transport
  •   Home & Office Relocations
  •   Overseas Removals
  •   Carton Boxes & Packaging
  •   Lifters & Crane Service Available
  •   Dismantling & Assembling

I M L Electrical Supplies Ltd

Iklin, Malta | Water Heaters
We Deliver

Looking for reliable water heaters? We import the esteemed brand Tesy and provide you with a variety of high quality products with 5 years guarantee suitable for both domestic and commercial use. We’ll help you choose one which satisfies your needs.

  •   Importers of Tesy water heaters
  •   Horizontal & vertical models
  •   From 6 ltr to 150ltr capacity
  •   Various models available
  •   5-year warranty
  •   Free delivery in Malta & Gozo

Playcraft Promotional Items

Luqa, Malta | Advertising-Novelties
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Give us a call today if you need high-quality merchandise and a vast selection to choose from. We have a team of people who are experts in this field and our designers can create your idea. We have been leaders in this sector for more than a decade.

  •   Corporate Merchandise
  •   Over 20 years of experience
  •   Conference supplies
  •   Promotional stationery
  •   24hr emergency print service
  •   Branded shopping bags

Mas Fina Ltd

Sliema, Malta | Nail Products & Supplies
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Explore a world of colours and shades with our collection of OPI nail polishes, base coats and top coats, together with ProSpa nail and cuticle creams, scrubs and other essentials for healthy hands and feet. Shop here to equip your beauty salon!

  •   OPI nails
  •   Nail polishes
  •   Nail lacquers
  •   Base and top coat
  •   ProSpa nail cream
  •   Cuticle cream

Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Supplies Ltd

Gzira, Malta | Automation Systems & Equipment
We Deliver

If you're looking to install a reliable & energy-efficient refrigeration system at Angelo Aquilina Refrigeration Systems Ltd we provide you with a range of centralised systems, vehicle refrigeration, solar systems & other equipment. Get a quote!

  •   Energy-saving systems
  •   Centralised refrigeration systems
  •   Water loop systems
  •   Solar systems
  •   Monitoring systems
  •   Vehicle refrigeration


Zebbug, Malta | Skip Rental & Services
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We at RAF Skip Hire can present you with a choice of solutions in relation to skip and machinery hire services. Contact us today to get your same-day skip services.

  •   2, 6, 24, 40-yard skips
  •   Hookloader boxes & containers
  •   Same-day services
  •   Mixed skips accepted
  •   Load-and-wait options available
  •   Scrap metal collection

Mas Fina Ltd

Sliema, Malta | Hair Care Products
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We not only distribute haircare products to individual customers, but we also supply hair salons with the right solutions for clients. Try our Wella products & you'll be impressed by their effectiveness. Find also skincare beauty products!

  •   UV Protection
  •   Hair Masks
  •   Professional Advice
  •   Professional styling tools
  •   Products for every hair type
  •   Healthy curling styles


Luqa, Malta | Garage Doors, Shutters & Gates
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Do you need security? We provide garage door gates and shutters for our clients. We offer a good service and care about all of our clients. Contact us and we deliver.

  •   Custom-made Garage Doors
  •   Residential & Industrial Garage Doors
  •   Door & Gate Automation Systems
  •   Roller Shutter Doors
  •   Industrial Gates Manufacture
  •   Free on-site quotations

A M G Cold Stores Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Food Importers, Wholesalers & Mfrs
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

We will provide you with quality produce that is fresh and Halal certified. Do not settle for less than the best and contact us today for more information. We do deliveries every day and stock all kind of meat and also ice.

  •   Meat & Poultry Importers
  •   Importers from around the World
  •   Ready-cooked chicken products
  •   Supplying butchers, hotels & restaurants
  •   Fish, Rabbit & Lamb products
  •   High-quality cold storage facilities
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Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Display Fixtures & Materials
We Deliver

We at Noriva Ltd offer our clients a wide and eclectic choice of display fixtures and materials that will present your store with the aesthetic that you are looking for. From mannequins to window salon accessories and showcases, we have it all.

  •   Product shelves
  •   Salon shelves
  •   Salon display materials
  •   Salon display fixtures
  •   Beauty salon display supplies
  •   Chairs and tables for salons

General Cleaners Co Ltd

Luqa, Malta | Toilets-Mobile (Rental)
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Luxurious mobile toilets at affordable rental rates for any outdoor event. We supply portable toilets with all facilities required to give guests a quality service throughout. You can also request to have one of our toilet attendants for the event.

  •   Mobile toilet rentals
  •   Luxury mobile toilets
  •   Mobile office rentals
  •   Short & long-term rentals
  •   Disinfection services of mobile toilets
  •   For outdoor events & construction sites

Noriva Ltd

Mosta, Malta | Hairdressing Equipment & Supplies
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

If you're opening a salon do not look any further, at Noriva Ltd we can help you stock your salon as well as furnish it. From barber chairs, reception units to Parlux hair dryers we got it all. So look no further and contact us for more information.

  •   Products for hairstylists & beauticians
  •   Delivery for Malta & Gozo
  •   Furnishings for salons
  •   Awards winning products
  •   50+ years of experience
  •   Repair center available

Electronic Products Ltd

Sta Venera, Malta | Cash Registers & Supplies
We Deliver
  • Marketplace

Contact Electronic Products Ltd for innovative machinery for your business. Cash registers and point of sales systems at affordable prices. We sell, rent and lease according to your needs and also provide servicing and repairs.

  •   Electronic Cash Registers
  •   Modern Point of Sale Systems
  •   Repairs and Maintenance Services
  •   Supplying different retail shops
  •   Compact, portable, lightweight cash registers
  •   Electronic Equipment Supplies

HMS Group

Mosta, Malta | Excavating Contractors
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Digging for pools, wells or underground garages is a hassle-free project when relying on HMS Group. We are equipped with multiple excavators, including machinery to carry out work in restricted spaces. Call us for an on-site consultation.

  •   Modern excavation equipment
  •   Excavation of various surfaces
  •   Digging and trenching works
  •   Demolition and alterations
  •   Rock cutting solutions
  •   On-site consultations

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