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Athleta Basketball Nursery

B’Kara, Malta | Basketball Clubs

From the young age at Athleta we will be teaching them how the sport of basketball is going to be played in a proper manner, having great teamwork, self-discipline and not to forget when playing to enjoy themselves and have fun.

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Basketball Association Malta

Attard, Malta | Basketball Clubs
Closed Now
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Depiro B C

Mtarfa, Malta | Basketball Clubs
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Siggiewi Basketball Club

Sta Venera, Malta | Basketball Clubs
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Starlites Basketball Club

San Gwann, Malta | Basketball Clubs
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Basketball Clubs in Malta and Gozo

Searching for a new sport to add to your fitness routine? Interested in starting basketball training? Does your kid love watching a basketball game on TV? Explore the range of local basketball clubs and immerse yourself or your kid in this sport. Being a popular sport all around the globe, basketball has also become one of the most renowned sports in Malta. Its fast-paced nature makes it an exciting sport to participate in, regardless of your age or gender. It is a sport which can be played both competitively, and casually amongst friends for fun.

Why choose basketball?

Basketball carries with it a lot of benefits, which enhance both your physical and mental development. Here's an overview of its most renowned benefits:

  • Burns calories: When playing basketball, you'll be doing a full-body workout which reduces fat and tones your body.
  • Stronger bones and muscles: Due to all the running, jumping, shooting, dribbling and passing involved in basketball, you'll strengthen your legs, arms, back, and core muscles.
  • Boosts your cardiovascular health: Since you're constantly on the move throughout a basketball game, you'll boost your heart and reduce the chances of heart diseases. Having a strong heart will also reinforce your endurance levels.
  • Reduces stress: Like any other sport, basketball will lower stress levels, which will allow you to focus more on pending tasks.
  • Makes you more social: Basketball will help you make new friends and hence, will reduce loneliness.
  • Better coordination: Since you'll be using your whole body, basketball will improve your coordination skills.
  • Self-discipline: As with any other sport, basketball requires all team players to follow all rules if they don't want to incur penalties. You will learn how to play fairly and competitively simultaneously, while always showing respect toward other basketball players.
  • Mental development: Along with being a physical activity requiring strength, stamina and flexibility, basketball is a sport which requires you to be quick on your feet. You need to stay focused and alert, and observe each and every one of your teammates' and opponents' actions, in order to perform the most effective actions right after. Losing concentration may influence the final outcome of the game.
  • Spatial awareness: Being fully aware of your space and your team players' court positions will help you accomplish successful passes and shots during a game, and will help you in your daily life as well.
  • Self-confidence: Learning a new game and becoming a team member will instil a positive outlook to life and a higher self-esteem.
  • Healthy eating habits: Living an active lifestyle will inspire you to eat healthier.

Who can play basketball?

Basketball is a sport for all ages and for both men and women. It starts being taught from a young age, but you may decide to get involved in this sport at any age. Juniors are generally shown how the game is played, taught general rules and tactics, and social and personal skills, such as teamwork and self-discipline. Training sessions are divided into distinct categories according to age and ability.

A number of basketball clubs organise summer schools to introduce this sport to kids, and also collaborate with schools to create basketball programmes for students during school hours. When you've reached a certain standard, you may also start taking part in local tournaments organised by the Malta Basketball Association, and even international ones.

When can you play basketball?

Since basketball can be played outdoors as well as indoors, this sport can be played all year round, in contrast to many other sports.

Another favourable feature is that you can practise this sport at home, alone or with friends. All you need to buy is a ball and a basketball hoop from one of the sports equipment stores in Malta or Gozo, and you're good to go.

Tips for playing basketball

  • Always check with your doctor to ensure you're physically strong enough to take part in this sport.
  • Since it's a fast-paced sport, expect to suffer from injuries at one point or another.
  • Keep hydrated throughout the game.
  • Warming up, stretching and cooling down are crucial stages which cannot be given the cold shoulder. You'll reduce the chances of getting injured, and reduce the level of stress you would, otherwise, inflict on your body.
  • Buy good basketball shoes which provide ankle support, and invest in protective knee pads and elbow pads. Local sports shops will provide all the necessary basketball clothing and equipment.

Want to start leading an active lifestyle? Become a member of a local basketball club and add basketball training to your fitness schedule.

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