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Zahra Enterprises Ltd

Attard, Malta | Barbecue Equipment

We retail a wide range of gas BBQs from such famous brands as Mastercook, Cadero, Masterchef & BroilChef Paramount. Visit our shop to find your perfect gas grill for your family garden or an advanced BBQ system for you exacting professional needs.

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Ortis Ltd

Attard, Malta | Barbecue Equipment

Ortis Ltd specializes in all agricultural supplies. Whether you need plant protection products, plastic decorative pots or seeds. We supply a wide selection of products at competitive prices.

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Msida, Malta | Barbecue Equipment

Fancy grilling juicy burgers? Purchase one of our quality brands gas or charcoal BBQs at affordable prices. You can also equip your BBQ with stainless steel utensils, BBQ covers, charcoal briquettes and more. Delivery is free around Malta and Gozo!

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SBL Lighting Solutions

Hamrun, Malta | Barbecue Equipment

At SBL Lighting Solutions you can find a wide choice of hardy grills, barbecues and smokers to suit all of your cooking needs. We at SBL Lighting Solutions do not just provide you with a delicious meal, but also a wonderful grilling experience.

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Muscat Flora Pet & Garden Centre

Sta Venera, Malta | Barbecue Equipment

Relax with a BBQ on the beach or in your outdoor space or garden. We have a wide range of portable and stationary BBQs and accessories such as charcoal, charcoal starter, matches, racks, spatulas, tongs and many more. Affordable prices, high quality.

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Mosta, Malta | Barbecue Equipment

We provide Paella that consist of gas rings, stand and Paella pans from sizes such as 42 cm that go up to 100 cm or depending on your order. We also have barbecue sets from Valencia. Items of great quality and at competitive prices.

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Attard, Malta | Barbecue Equipment
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Bull Europe Limited

Qormi, Malta | Barbecue Equipment
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CoseCasa Ltd

Balzan, Malta | Barbecue Equipment
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Stone Creations

Qormi, Malta | Barbecue Equipment
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Pieta’, Malta | Barbecue Equipment

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Barbecue Equipment in Malta & Gozo

Most of us can agree that summer season is BBQ season, and a week doesn't pass by that we don't roll out our BBQ out on the terrace or our backyard, invite our friends over, and grill steak cuts freshly bought from one of the local butchers. The whole cooking experience, the appetising taste of the grilled meat, and the chance to gather around with your family and bond together, make barbecues a favourite option for your summer nights. Interested in becoming a BBQ host? Explore the number of barbecue stores around Malta and Gozo, and invest in all the necessary BBQ equipment for a plain sailing barbecue experience.

Types of BBQs you can find in Malta

Whether it's your very first BBQ, or you're thinking of upgrading to a bigger and more robust BBQ, you'll be faced with a vast range of barbecues when you go BBQ shopping. Most common are gas and charcoal BBQs, but other varieties can be found, with the most renowned including smokers, pellet BBQs, hybrid BBQs, electric grills, and portable BBQs. 

With an assortment of brands to choose from, you'll definitely find one which is within your budget, and which boasts all the required features.

What do you need to take into consideration when choosing your BBQ?

Choosing a BBQ is no easy feat, and it's a decision which shouldn't be taken lightly, especially if you intend to use it on a regular basis. Here are some factors which you need to think through before settling on the one which will grace your outdoor space this summer and the next.

  • Fuel: Gas or charcoal? Each comes with its own pros and cons. You just need to analyse what's best for you. If you're looking for minimum waiting time, gas is your solution, whereas, if generating the fire and tending it, is a crucial part of your BBQ experience, charcoal is your answer.
  • Lifestyle: Are you more an outdoor person? Choose a portable BBQ you can take with you to the beach. Lead a busy lifestyle? Opt for a BBQ which wouldn't require a lot of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Space: Evaluate your outdoor area and choose a BBQ which would fit comfortably. A smoker is not an ideal option if you only have a small terrace.
  • Budget: How much are you willing to pay for a BBQ? Consider how much you intend to use it, necessary features, and recurring fuel cost, apart from the initial cost.
  • Cooking capacity: Will you be cooking for your family, or for a large group of friends? Average number of guests will determine grill size and number of burners you opt for.
  • Quality: Is it a renowned brand? Is it made up of durable materials? Do carry out some research and read reviews to ensure you're investing in quality.
  • Extra features: Seeking to add convenience and comfort to your barbecue experience? Consider having extra features, such as storage cabinets and drawers, side burners and wheels.
  • Technology: Inclined toward a high-tech BBQ? You can find wifi-controlled BBQs which you can monitor and control via app. Be prepared to pay out a lot of money as they don't come cheap.

Which BBQ Accessories and Supplies can you purchase from BBQ stores?

You've chosen your BBQ and set it up in your backyard. The next step should be to buy all the necessary supplies and accessories, before you fire it up and start inviting your friends over. Popular BBQ accessories you'll find include tongs, spatulas and other BBQ utensils, BBQ skewers, heat-resistant aprons and mitts, meat thermometers, wire brushes and other cleaning equipment, smoker boxes, chimney starters, gas tanks, pellets, and charcoal briquettes.

How should you take care of your BBQ?

You've spent hundreds, and maybe even thousands, on your BBQ. What should you do to prolong its lifespan as much as possible?

  • Invest in a BBQ cover: This will protect it from all elements and reduce the chances of corrosion.
  • Clean after each and every use: The last thing you'll feel like doing after feasting upon a mountain of meat, is getting up and cleaning your BBQ. However, do combat the fatigue and make sure you clean it thoroughly after use. Leaving the job to the next morning will make cleaning much harder as food remnants would have dried up during the night.

Safety Tips to keep in mind when using a BBQ

  • Handle gas carefully to avoid any hazards.
  • Only use BBQs in outdoor spaces.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher and other fire equipment handy.
  • Always keep children away.
  • Attend the BBQ at all times.
  • Make sure you give your BBQ enough time to cool down, before attempting to clean it and move it.

Explore Yellow's ultimate BBQ buying guide and pinpoint your priorities to ensure you buy the best BBQ for your space and your needs. Also visit outdoor furniture and lighting stores to achieve your desired outdoor area. 


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