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Best Banks in Malta & Gozo

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Credorax Bank Ltd

Valletta, Malta | Banks

At Credorax Bank Ltd, we work tirelessly to offer our clients the world's most advanced financial management and payment solution services. Credorax Bank Ltd guarantees payment systems that are safeguarded and monitored for the safety of all users.

NBG Bank Malta Ltd

Sliema, Malta | Banks

For trustworthy, secure and committed financial transactions, choose NBG Bank Malta Ltd. We are an independent partner of the National Bank of Greece, an institution with over 170 years of experience in the financial sector.

APS Bank plc

APS Bank plc

B’Kara, Malta | Banks
BNF Bank

BNF Bank

Gzira, Malta | Banks
Commbank Europe Ltd

ECCM Bank plc

Sliema, Malta | Banks

FCM Bank Limited

B’Kara, Malta | Banks

FIMBank plc

San Giljan, Malta | Banks

HSBC Bank Malta plc

Valletta, Malta | Banks
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IIG Bank (Malta) Ltd

IIG Bank (Malta) Ltd

San Giljan, Malta | Banks

Lombard Bank Malta plc

Valletta, Malta | Banks

Merkanti Bank Limited

San Giljan, Malta | Banks

Did you mean a company called Banks?

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Best Banks in Malta & Gozo

Choosing a licensed and reliable bank is imperative as you need to trust all your savings and financial wealth in its hands. On Yellow, you can find a vast range of banks which offer a wide spectrum of financial services directed to individuals and businesses alike. Whatever your age, social class and employment status, local banks are devoted to the prosperity of both personal and corporate accounts.

Here are some of the services which local banks offer to their clientele.

Advisory Services 

Having your finances in order is essential for potential financial growth. The financial gurus at banks are the most fitting people who can offer sound monetary advice. They have the necessary qualifications and experience to guide you in making wise financial decisions. Whether you need to consult a bank on personal or corporate accounts, loan packages, credit cards or investments, a reliable institution will tackle all your financial needs prudently and wisely. It will advise you on everyday banking, borrowing and investing.

Money Withdrawal and Deposit

ATMs are located in nearly every locality around Malta and Gozo and most are available 24/7. You can easily locate an ATM near to you if you find yourself with no cash. Some debit cards may have certain limitations on the amount of money you can withdraw. If the amount you need exceeds the maximum amount of money your card allows you to withdraw, you have to visit a branch and speak to a cashier. Cheques and cash deposits can either be deposited in an ATM or else at one of the branches.

What Is the Procedure to Open a Bank Account? 

Opening an account requires you to physically visit a branch in order to fill in and sign the necessary paperwork. You can opt for either current or savings accounts- depending on the purpose of your account. Apart from the standard debit cards, you can also choose to own one of the various credit cards which banks offer. These credit cards may have special features such as free travel insurance.

Saving Schemes

Long-term financial planning is crucial to secure your future. For this reason, banks offer diverse saving plans. One of the most popular which is gaining popularity is the retirement scheme - where a specific amount of money is put aside each month, only to be accessed on your retirement.

Bank Loans

Interested in investing in a new home or buying a brand new car? Then why not contact one of the banks on Yellow and apply for a loan? Whether it's a personal loan, a car, boat or home loan, they can provide financial backing. Loans are always subject to the bank's lending criteria and interest rates vary from one bank to another. We advise you to check out all the terms and conditions to opt for the loan package which best suits your lifestyle and your needs. Some companies offer online loan calculators which enable you to receive an estimate of how much the bank would be able to lend you according to your current income and other existing loans. Certain banks also provide life and home insurance in conjunction with the loan package.

Investment Services 

If you possess extra capital which you wish to invest, you can make an appointment with a financial advisor, who will in turn guide you into choosing the investment scheme which best suits your purposes and your ambitions. He will determine the maximum risk you're willing to take and provide you with several equities, bonds, shares and investment funds to choose from.

Corporate Banking

Along with aiding personal individuals, banks also offer specially designed corporate accounts to help businesses facilitate cash flow processes, money management and trading. Reliable companies also provide stockbroking services and fund and asset management.

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What Are the Opening Hours and Where Are Branches Situated? 

Most renowned banks in Malta have multiple branches across every corner of the Maltese Islands to cater for people from diverse locations. Although some branches are only open till early afternoon, extended opening hours are being gradually introduced to accommodate people who cannot visit during office hours. The large majority of branches are also open on Saturday morning. 

Internet Banking

Most banks in the local sector have implemented online banking systems to facilitate transactions for their clients. These enable you to check out your finances, pay bills, move money between accounts or top-up your phone from the comfort of your home and access your accounts from any corner in the world 24/7. This is an efficient way to manage your accounts and a safe way to settle payments and transfer money. Through mobile banking apps, settling payments is simpler than ever.

Currency Exchange

Need foreign currency? If you're going abroad and need to exchange money, local banks would generally be able to provide you with the most popular currencies - such as sterling and dollars. If you need currencies which are not so prominent, you would need to book the required amount in advance.

What Customer Care Services Are Available? 

Lost your debit or credit card? Got your purse stolen? Online financial transaction gone amiss? Most renowned banks offer 24/7 customer care to their clients, in an endeavour to offer a comprehensive service, so you can rest assured. Contact customer care and they will tackle any issue immediately.

Yellow is here to help you discover the list of banks in Malta and find the one which suits your needs best. Check out fees and interest rates to determine which bank would best suit your requirements.

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