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Hair Transplants in Malta and Gozo

Hair is a crucial part of our physical appearance and self-worth, and we make our utmost effort to nurture it and enhance its look and feel. In fact, if you start suffering from hair loss, it not only affects your appearance, but also your psychological well-being. Looking for a permanent solution to this condition? Then why not consider a hair transplant? This procedure is offered by several private clinics on Yellow, and is known to have a high success rate, due to the modern techniques used nowadays.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure which moves hair follicles from places most resistant to balding (the donor sites), to balding areas (the recipient sites). The donor site is usually the back part of the scalp, but follicles may also be extracted from the chest or the arms.

Hair Transplant Methods

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE is the most popular hair transplant procedure. It consists of extracting hair follicles one by one using a surgical punch, harvesting them, and transplanting them to the area suffering from hair loss. It's a renowned method as it involves no pain, no scarring, and minimum recovery time.

FUT (Follicular Hair Transplant)

FUT follows the same procedure as FUE, with the sole difference, that hair follicles are extracted in strips, rather than one by one. This method is preferred when hair loss is in an advanced stage, and hence, more follicles are required.

SMP (Scalp micro-pigmentation)

SMP is a distinct aesthetic procedure in which pigments are injected in the scalp in order to produce the semblance of a fuller head of hair. It is especially used by men with a shaved scalp, and also by women who wish to cover thinning parts of their scalp. SMP is also useful when you wish to cover head scars, in order to create a consistent-looking scalp. It's a popular method as touch-ups aren't required on a regular basis, and it's not painful.

Other transplants

Apart from hair on your scalp, you can also choose to carry out hair transplants on eyelashes, eyebrows, beard, chest or pubic hair. Eyebrows and eyelashes would need to be trimmed just as your hair when a hair transplant is performed.

Hair Transplant: What's the standard procedure?

If you're interested in a hair transplant procedure, you need to book a consultation with a surgeon. In this consultation, you'll be able to discuss your hair expectations and desires, and the surgeon will perform a scalp analysis to determine whether you're eligible to a hair transplant procedure or not.

Before going in for the surgery, you'll be advised to avoid taking medicine, vitamins, alcohol, or any other products which might enhance bleeding risks during surgery. Make sure you follow all the doctor's instructions, in order to increase the chances of your procedure being successful.

The procedure generally lasts from 4 to 8 hours and local anaesthesia will be administered for a pain-free surgery. You'd be able to return home straight after, but do take note of the surgeon's advice when it comes to taking care of your transplanted hair. It's standard for antibiotics to be prescribed, in order to reduce the risk of infections.

Results can be expected to be seen within 6 to 12 months. They will vary from one patient to another, but when comparing photos, each individual will see satisfactory results.

Who is eligible to a hair transplant?

Not everyone is eligible to a hair transplant. Suitable candidates are either people suffering from pattern baldness, thinning hair or burn scars. Both men and women suffering from permanent hair loss, which may have occurred as a result of medicinal products, alopecia or any other medical condition or disorder, stress, hormone fluctuations or genetics, can find hair transplant as an effective hair loss cure.

People with heart diseases, and those who are heavy drinkers or smokers, may not be eligible.

Pros of a Hair Transplant

Why opt for a hair transplant, over other hair loss treatments?

  • It's a permanent hair loss cure
  • Induces natural hair growth
  • Natural-looking guaranteed results
  • Enhances your youthful appearance 
  • It boosts your self-esteem
  • Safe procedure
  • More effective in this time and age due to the advances which science has made in this sector

Cons of a Hair Transplant

While it's an effective and recommended procedure, a hair transplant still carries with it certain drawbacks:

  • It can lead to infection, swelling and itching in your scalp
  • You may lose transplanted hair if proper care is not administered
  • Hair follicles may die before being able to regenerate
  • It's an expensive procedure, and cost will increase according to the size of the balding area
  • It may lead to scarring
  • Recovery time may be quite long

Other Services offered by Hair Loss Clinics

Along with hair transplant surgery, several clinics also provide other hair loss treatments and hair care products, such as specialised shampoos, conditioners, lotions and hair sprays. Wigs and hair pieces for both men and women may also be found.

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