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Touristing At Home And Exploring Malta's Hidden Gems

by Whereto360

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The airports are closed till next July, and even though we are sorely missing our travelling adventures, we've decided that 2020 will be the year where we explore our home country in a way we never have!

As Maltese, we have the privilege to say we've been to most places across the country, something which many people from larger countries can never experience. But even though we might have made it to every village and popular spot in Malta, there are so many other hidden gems most of us haven't been to yet and we're happy to share some tips with you. 

One thing we started doing lately is exploring villages thoroughly and we love it! Randomly driving to any village and strolling around its centre has proved to be an exciting weekly activity for us. We are always on the lookout for little details - the balconies, the alleys, the occasional street seller or the woman sitting at her front door. You'd be surprised how much you can discover by randomly walking around and getting lost in the village streets. 

And now here's a list of some of our favourite lesser-known places on the Maltese Islands. If you've already heard about them, there may still be specific spots or things you've always missed while you were there. 

Qarraba Bay 

Located right next to the popular Golden Bay and Riviera Bay, Qarraba Bay and the surrounding rocky shores are perfect for combining an interesting clay slope hike and a dip in the sea with way less people around than its neighbouring beaches. 

Għar Ħasan

Beyond the opening to a seemingly ordinary cave overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Għar Ħasan is actually a large network of cave tunnels and pathways that makes way for a whole afternoon of pure adventure. P.S Not recommended for claustrophobics. There are also other caves worth checking out in the area, walk along the cliffs to spot them!

Rdum id-Delli

Located close to Popeye's Village in Mellieħa, these large cliffs are ideal for a scenic walk and for enjoying a packed lunch with a view. If you're into bouldering, there are possible ways to get down and swim here. 


Wied Qirda

Go and appreciate the beauty of this natural valley with hundreds of years of history. If you access from Siġġiewi, make sure to walk all the way through and make it past the fireworks factories. Ascend down and walk through. You'll see a window carved up high in the rocks that's the same window associated with a famous legend (Leġġenda tal-Ingliża). If you're still here around sunset, try to spot the shepherd returning back to his farm with his flock of sheep. And look around for this well that's full of tadpoles and frogs in the wetter seasons. 

Ras il-Ħamrija Natural Arch 

A pleasant stroll overlooking the tiny island gem of Filfla starting from the gate to Ħagar Qim Temples, can take you to the Pixxina Naturali and Ras il- Ħamrija Arch. Plan your visit to be here around sunset. Views are amazing on the west coast around this time.

Bingemma Cave Dwellings

A series of prehistoric tombs and cave dwellings stretched across different levels can be found on a hike across the Victoria Lines. We just love taking shelter from rain or sun while enjoying a picnic here. Easiest access is from nearby the Chapel of Our Lady of Itria which was by the way built in the 1670s!


San Niklaw Cave Dwellings 

Overlooking Għadira Bay, these caves can be accessed via a footpath along the bypass. You'll see that its remote location has preserved the caves quite well. A pleasant hike prior to heading to the beach. Bonus – the views!


Coral Lagoon 

The hole in the ground that took us years to notice. Include Coral Lagoon in a loop hike around Aħrax in Mellieħa. Great spot for kayaking too!

Manoel Island 

If it's enjoying a take-away, admiring abandoned buildings or swimming, Manoel Island is the right place located right in the centre of Malta. Worth checking out its history while you're at it. 


Blata l-Bajda (Near Mistra Bay) 

If you're after the perfect sunrise spot on the island, you have to wake up here! Overlooking the island of St. Paul's shipwreck, Blata l-Bajda is a great spot to explore. It may be a bit tricky to reach without land rovers, but not entirely difficult.  The water is great for swimming here, and we actually spotted many fascinating sea creatures roaming around!


Some other super cool spots to check out are places that have been abandoned for many years. These spots tend to be private property, so we decided to leave this part up to you to do your research! 

Wherever you visit, do appreciate and protect the beauty of nature and heritage you find. Let's try and preserve these places as much as we can so that we can continue enjoying the outdoors in the years to come. Malta is amazing!


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