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Get Noticed with the Right Sign

by Skyline Plastic Works

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Well designed and eye catching sign can have a great impact on the brand image. To achieve the best effect you need the right design, size and final look of the sign. To ensure it will reflect your brand properly you need to choose the right signwriter, who will understand your needs and offer you good-quality product. See how to find the right one and what to ask for before the final agreement.


Regardless of the scale of your project, always request a sample of a product. If the signwriter can’t offer samples for your design, ask to see an example from one of his previous works with a similar design. Seeing the materials you chose is not enough, it’s always better to check the quality of the print and the final effect.


Always ask about materials used and how durable they are. Investigate how chemicals react with cleaning products and weather conditions if your sign will be displayed outdoors. If you’re not sure what is the most durable, ask for professional advice and invest in long-term solutions.


Look for a company which can present you multiple options and ideas. Even if you have already decided what you like, they should be able to advise you with the best solutions, based on the market you’re in. Creative signwriters will not only complete what is requested from then but will also show you some other solutions which might be suitable for you.


Look for the right style for your logo. It has to not only match your brand but also suit the character of the industry you’re in. Apart from being eye-catching, think if it’s appropriate. Shiny and flashy signs are not good for every company. The sign should be the best reflection of your company and values what it represents.


If you’re looking for a larger size, you'd better go with someone who has experience with such projects. Larger sizes are not only harder to prepare but also to install. It will be easier to trust someone who has experience with similar ventures.


Choosing a sign with lights can be good for attracting attention. The best option are LED lights which are the most durable and cost-efficient option. They also offer several colour options. Ask the signwriter if he knows how to install a sign with lights, as it requires electrical knowledge.


Look for someone with experience in the field. A signwriter with the right expertise will know how to do his job right and will also be able to give you some additional ideas and advice. Ask for a portfolio and if you can, go and see his previous works yourself. It will help you judge the skills and materials used.


A company should be precise and able to complete your order on time. Ask about possible installation and how much it costs. The next step is after service experience. Ask if a signwriter provides such service in case of any damages and how quick it is. You can also ask their former clients for opinions and suggestions. Ideally, a company provides same day service, on-site or in their workshop, depending on the size of your sign.

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