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4 Fun Dog Parks You Can Visit For A Perfectly Delightful Day With Your Pooch

by Chiara Micallef

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Dogs are not only our best friends – they're our rock, our sanctuary and they make quite literally the most amazing companions you can get in life. While dogs are the best, they can at times be a bit of a handful for their owners. If you are looking for a place to let your dog off the leash and have some fun, visiting a dog park with them is the way to go. Just keep in mind that visiting a dog park also means that you have to follow a set of rules.

1. San Gwann

This lovely dog park is a breath of fresh air for dog owners and pooches alike – with plenty of trees and shaded areas, this spot makes the ideal place for a date with your beloved four-legged friend. While it is not a large dog park per se, San Gwann park is a fenced up area, which means that you and your dog can chill out and let your hair down without a care in the world. 

2. Zabbar

The Zabbar Dog Park is a fairly large one, equipped with numerous doggy training equipment such as jumping stakes, hoops, stepping paws and doggy crawl tunnels – making it the ideal place to train your Olympic doggy champion-in-waiting for his grand debut in a dog show or contest. 

3. Ta' Qali

This dog park is a great space for anyone who is looking to allow their dogs to run freely and make new doggy friends. At the Ta' Qali dog park you can find a number of playing equipment that includes hurdle jumps, ramps, weave poles and hound hoops – another great spot to help your dog learn new tricks. The park is fully equipped with doggy bins and drinking water facilities. 

4. Qala, Gozo

This is the first-ever Gozo-based dog park to be inaugurated on the island. This dog park is split into two – a small pooch section and a large doggy area. Just like the others, this park is fully equipped with a range of play and exercise equipment for dogs such as hoops, obstacle courses, ponds and ramps. At the Qala dog park, there's also a range of drinking water fountains to keep your pooch hydrated. 

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