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How to Ace a Job Interview

by Yellow

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Now that you've sent out your CV and secured yourself an interview, it's time to prepare yourself for that important meeting. Those few minutes with your potential employer will determine if you get the job. So make sure you utilise that time well.

If you feel stuck and unsure about how to get ready for your interview, these 5 tips will help you.

Research the Company

Looking up the company you're about to interview for is an important exercise. It gives you background information about the roots of the company, the way it works, and its vision for the future.
Showing that you are knowledgeable about the company can give you a competitive edge. It shows you are passionate about working for that specific company, and not just after any job.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Take the time to evaluate yourself. Examine what skills and experience are needed for the job you applied for, and see which ones you tick. Prepare to explain how you intend on compensate for the experience and skills you don't have by, for example, talking about your enthusiasm and openness to learning and growing.

Bonus tip: Personality attributes may also act as a strength or a weakness. Know what your traits are and think about how you can talk around your weaker attributes.

Dress the Part

The way you're dressed is a substantial element of a first impression. Wear appropriate clothing, and shy away from any fashion risks. Pick a smart outfit which will help you convey your personality and professionalism. Do not wear excessive jewellery. Tidy up your hair and walk into the interview room with an air of confidence, which is communicated through your clothes.

Keep the Essentials Handy

Before leaving the house, make sure you have everything you need. Take a copy of your CV, your ID, portfolio and any certificates listed in the job description. Stay hydrated by carrying a bottle of water with you, and take a pen and notepad with you just in case.

Have a Positive Outlook

You're never fully-dressed without a smile. Being pessimistic might be the worst thing you can do during your interview. Show that you're enthusiastic about the job you're discussing. Remember that body language exposes a lot about your feelings, so let the positivity shine through by the way you present yourself.

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