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5 Mistakes You're Doing With Your Car

by Yellow

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In order to keep your car running smoothly, a regular maintenance is a must! Here are 5 things you're overlooking that are shortening your car's lifespan.

Oil change

Mechanics have instructed us to change our car's oil every 3,000 miles it runs. Vehicles have moving bodies which require to be oiled in order to move efficiently without overheating. Over time, oil breaks down, offering less lubrication to the car's engine. The friction of the colliding parts can cause damage to your engine unless you regularly substitute your oil.

Wheel rotation

It is important to rotate your tires' positioning in order to guarantee even tire wear. Since the weight of your car's front and rear body differs, the pressure on your tires is altered. Therefore, the more you rotate your wheels, the more use you'll get out of your tires.

Brakes? Check!

If your car has been emitting some strange sounds or has been vibrating during standard braking procedures, it may be time to get your brakes checked. It may also be safe to get your brakes checked if it's been over 6 months since its last check up. Take a look at your brake pad, located inside your wheel. If its body seems very thin, it may be time to substitute it.

Warning lights are there to warn you

While those pesky lights in front of you may seem like a mere distraction when you're rushing to your destination or are eager to head home, there are some alerts that should go unignored. If your lights are trying to warn you about your engine's temperature or your oil and tire pressure, it may be smart to coast your car and have a look.

Driving with an overheated engine

The worst sin you could commit is driving your car while its engine is overheated. Pushing your car above its limits may very well lead to its breaking point. Literally. Overheating your struggling vehicle may call for a total engine replacement which can be very costly. Not to mention, it may also be dangerous for you and your passengers- at the end of the day, you may very well be driving a ticking time bomb.

Remember, being careless with your car will lead to its imminent breakdown so make sure to check up on it regularly.

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