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6 easy ways to keep your house clean all the time

by Yellow 902 Days

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Cleaning a house can be annoying, especially during those much-awaited weekends when all you wish to do is relax and destress but those piles of dirty clothes and dishes are calling for you. We want to share with you some easy tricks that will help you keep your beloved home clean, all the time.

The ‘welcome home' spot

You'll be surprised by how messy the house gets when people come back home. Jackets, shoes, bags, keys, wallets, phones and what not are left everywhere - this is why you need a ‘Welcome Home' spot. Put a hanger, shoe cabinet and a little desk close to the entrance, so that upon arriving everything gets placed properly rather than thrown around.

Wash the dishes… After eating!

Saying "I'll do them later” will only increase the number of dishes you will need to wash once the ‘later' comes. Every time you eat, clean the dishes, it will only require a little time and will avoid piling up dirty dishes and make your home look messy. Besides, it is much easier to clean the plates and pans after using them rather than wait and find that the leftovers are dry, making it harder to clean them. While you are at it and have five minutes to spare, use a damp cloth to clean the surface of the kitchen, and upon leaving quickly mop the floor.

No one likes smelly socks

Doing the laundry doesn't need to be a nightmare, after all, a washing machine can easily be your best friend - just make sure to not overuse it. Keep two baskets, one for the whites, and one for the colours, so that whenever you have something to wash you put it in the correct basket - this will save you time when it comes to actually putting the clothes into the washing machine. The number of washes required varies according to the number of people living in the house, but if well-organized you most probably won't need one every day.

A chair is not a hanger

Stop using chairs, beds, sofas and any other kind of furniture as your hanger. When removing clothes, place them back in the wardrobe or put them in the laundry box. You will be surprised how much more tidy your house will look. Remember: a bed is for sleeping, not storing.

Be as loud as a… Vacuum cleaner!

Vacuuming doesn't require much time and you don't need to do it every single day, just spare a couple of minutes every few days to vacuum the living room and bedrooms and you'll instantly feel that the house is dust-free. Vacuuming is a quick and effective way to get rid 
of the dirt in one simple way.

The four steps bathroom exercise

Four steps are all you need to keep your bathroom spotless: clear the surface, clean the surface, wipe the mirror and fold the towels. Simple, no? It all boils down to one thing: time. Keeping the house clean shouldn't take a lot of time, and it shouldn't be stressful either. Scheduling slots 
is possibly one of the best ways to save time. Find when it is best for you to clean the bathrooms and bedrooms, when to vacuum the living room and when you'd rather do the laundry. With just a little organisation you could be saving yourself a real lot of time and realise how quickly you can get the house chores done.

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