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How to Get the Right Upholstery for Your Furniture

by Leather Centre

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Choosing the upholstery can be a challenging task, as there are many choices to pick from and many factors to take into consideration. Also, choosing an upholsterer requires some time and thoughts, as it requires professionalism and skills. Check how to make the right decision.


Before entrusting your furniture to an upholsterer check his reputation. If possible, ask to see his previous work or projects he is currently working on. Ask about the quality of the materials he uses and for the samples before deciding on anything.

Check the furniture

Before you hand over your furniture to an upholsterer, inspect it from every angle and if need be, take pictures. If you receive it back with any damages, you will know if it’s an old scratch or it was damaged during the process. Agree beforehand in case your furniture gets damaged.


Ask about recommended maintenance and any special care a certain fabric needs. If you don’t have time for additional care, do not choose fabric which requires a lot of attention. Ask how to prolong the life of your fabric and sustain its current look for as long as possible.


Be clear and explain fully what you expect and want. Discuss with an upholsterer to be sure he understood correctly and your wishes can be fulfilled. If there are any problems or something can’t be done, the upholsterer should notify you in advance so you can approve the changes.


Ask for the breakdown of the work to be aware what you are paying for. If you are not sure about something, double-check with another upholsterer.


Choosing a fabric might be much harder than it seems as there are many aspects to consider. Apart from your preferences, you might want to consider if it suits your interior, if it is appropriate for that specific room and if it can sustain your daily challenges. The upholstery is a long-term investment, remember to ask how the fabric will look like in 5 years time and if it going changes drastically. For the humid environment, choose mildew resistant fabrics. If your furniture will be exposed to sunlight, you might want to ask for a fade resistant fabric.


Choose a durable fabric which can withhold your daily use depending on the piece of furniture and how often is it going to used. It's a good idea to invest more in furniture like living room sofa, which is usually the most used furniture in the house.

Allergies, kids, pets

If your furniture will be shared with kids, pets or you have allergies, make sure you choose the right fabric. For kids, you will need something durable and possibly darker, so any stains and scratches won't be much visible. Pet owners also need durable textures, preferably without much texture. Recommended fabric for allergies is microfiber, as it's lint free and doesn't attract dust.

Colours and patterns

Colours and patterns are a matter of personal preferences and you will choose them according to your decor. However, there are general dos and don’ts. If your room is small and the furniture takes most of the available space, do not choose bold colours or large patterns, as it will overwhelm the interior. Patterns are usually more suitable for smaller pieces of furniture. Think about years to come, bright colours might annoy you as time passes. Also, choose a colour or pattern which will be in harmony with the wall colour and other furniture. Keep in mind that extraordinary patterns and colours will always attract attention and think if you want to focus on a specific piece of furniture.

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