Healthy snack ideas you can eat at your desk

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Eating at work isn’t just about stopping your stomach from rumbling. It’s about giving your body what it needs to function and you to be effective during the day. If you want to stay healthy and productive, here are some healthy snack ideas you can eat at your desk.

With more of us electing to eat at our desk rather than taking a lunch break, we often neglect healthy options in favour of quick, convenient foods. Those foods are often high in fat which can make you sleepy, high in sugar which causes insulin spikes or high in empty calories which help you gain weight. Try one of these healthy snacks instead.

Homemade fruit and nut mix

One of the most popular snacks to eat at work is a type of trail mix you can make at home. Mix peanuts, almonds, walnuts, shelled pistachios, dried apricots, currants and sultanas into a tub and take them to work. Add other dried fruits or nuts as you see fit for a healthy, filling and nutritious snack.

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Fresh fruit

Whether you take whole apples, oranges or bananas or chop them up and take them as a fruit salad, nothing beats fruit as a healthy snack. It looks fantastic, smells fresh, tastes great and combines sugar and goodness in equal measure. You can eat as much as you like too!

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Salad box

A simple salad box makes a great snack idea you can eat at your desk. Slice some carrot, celery, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, peppers, walnuts and more into bitesize pieces and put into a tub. Ignore dressings as they can be messy, but a side of hummus might go down well.

Homemade protein bars

Many commercial protein bars are either expensive or contain ingredients you don’t want. Avoid that by making your own. There are hundreds of recipes out there that contain everything from oats to flaxseeds and everything in-between. Try one and see how it goes.

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Wholegrain crackers with topping

Wholegrains contain slow release energy that delivers over time instead of in one hit. Top with cream cheese, peanut butter or whatever you like. Just be aware of the mess, storage, and crumbs!


As long as your office has a refrigerator, taking a low-fat fruit yoghurt to eat at work is a healthy snack. The protein keeps you feeling full for longer and the fruit adds a nice touch of sweetness to proceedings.

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Rice cakes

Eat rice cakes on their own and they taste similar to cardboard. Add something delicious on top and they take on a whole new meaning. Top with peanut butter, cream cheese or some other healthy-ish spread, add a couple of pieces of fruit or veg and you have a snack fit for a king.

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