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Bold Hair Colours to Try

by Stella Cini

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Nowadays, whether you're sitting on a bus, attending a meeting or simply eating at a restaurant, you're bound to come across at least one person sporting an unconventional hair colour. Just like fashion, hair colours have evolved and become bolder in recent years, so much so that we have literally seen all the colours of the rainbow, ranging from soft pastels to bright neons.

But just like fashion, sometimes it's good to get out of your comfort zone and try out a new colour or a bold new style, irrespective of whether it is to re-invent yourself, gain confidence or simply to try something new. Here are 8 different hair colours to try if you're feeling bold and adventurous.

1. Bubblegum Pink

If you're like me, pink is somewhat of a weird colour to you. You may have grown up loving it and being covered in it from head to toe, only to realise as you grow older that it's too 'girly', so you replace all things pink with all things black. Finally, you learn that pink is a joyful colour and you conclude that if you do like it, then you should just go ahead and wear it.

Although not nearly as common as blondes and reds, pink hair is actually a very good option for anyone who wants to try a low-maintenance and easy to achieve colour - not to mention it is universally flattering. If your skin tone has a pink undertone, opt for a cooler pink such as opal or mix in some lavender or blue. If, on the other hand, you have a yellow undertone, go for a more coral coloured pink. If you're unsure, go for the classic bubblegum pink, which is the perfect mix of warm and cool tones and also light enough to not overpower your features.

2. Dark Red

If you want to change your hair colour but you really want to avoid bleaching it, opt for a dark red colour. Although not technically a natural hair colour, red is still a classic in any basic colour chart and is available in most hair salons. Since most hair types have some form of red pigmentation in them, it is relatively easy to achieve and very hard to mess up. Depending on your skin type and preference, you can add a hint of copper in the mix to complement your warm tones or go for a cooler burgundy/eggplant colour if your skin tone is on the cool side.

If you wish to remain on the red spectrum but still want some dimension, lightly bleach some loose strands of hair and then go over all your hair with one uniform dye mixture. The darker stands will take on a deeper, muted colour but the bleached strands will develop a brighter, more vibrant red hue, giving you a multi-dimensional effect. Here are a few simple steps to dyeing your hair in the comfort of your own home.

3. White

A few years ago, the biggest hair trend was the grey dye, however, that trend has now transformed into proper, pure white. People have been going crazy over white hair and rightfully so since it is a stunning colour, especially on anyone with a deeper tan as it contrasts so well with them. The great thing about this hair colour is that it can be highly versatile because it is at the very lightest of the colour chart. This means that it can take on any hue - icy, warm, a hint of pink, very light blue etc. Once you've achieved the perfect white, you can virtually create any hair colour combo you want since you have the perfect foundation for it.

The downside to it is that it is by far the hardest colour to achieve since you'd have to bleach it multiple times to achieve a pure white, while it is even harder to maintain since you'd constantly have to tone it to prevent it from turning yellow and brassy. You also have to heavily moisturise and condition it since that amount of bleaching definitely takes its toll on your hair. In fact, have a look at these hair care problems and how to fix them that will ensure your hair maintains its vibrancy. White hair is definitely a commitment, but it's totally worth it - #NoPainNoGain

4. Black

Another incredibly bold colour to try on the other end of the spectrum is black hair. Black is by far one of the fiercest colours you can go for, since it is so dark and demanding of attention. Black hair is ideal for anyone with a darker skin tone, strong features and dark eyebrows and is very low maintenance since all you need is the monthly root cover-up. If you're on the paler side and have naturally light hair, it can be slightly overpowering and can wash out your features, however, you can balance it out with heavier make-up and bolder jewellery. Check out these eyeliner styles to see how these can improve your overall look.

The one downside to black dye is that it is incredibly difficult to lighten or change to another colour and so once again, it's quite a commitment.

5. Blue

One of the boldest hair colours to try is blue hair since it is by far the least natural-looking hair colour on the whole colour spectrum and equally the most badass. Whether it is baby blue, bright turquoise or a muted teal, blue hair has a character of its own and will catch anyone's attention since it is so unique.

It is by far the trickiest hair to wear though unless you've got a cool skin tone. Otherwise, it can be quite unflattering in a way that even makeup can't fix. If you generally tend to go for warm eyeshadow colours instead of cool ones, it is a good idea to avoid committing to any type of blue hair.

Another issue is that unless the base is a completely pure white, then when it starts fading it will take on a green/yellow hue and unless you redye it every week, it can be just as unflattering. Having said that, if it does suit your skin tone and it is properly maintained, it is one hell of hair colour to have.

6. Neon Green

One hair trend that has recently been popping up is the bright, neon hair. Although it is definitely not appropriate for everyone, neon hair is one of those colours that you try just to say you've tried it at least once. Whether it's orange, green or yellow, neon colours are definitely eye-catching and a great conversation starter, not to mention that it looks epic in flash photography and in UV lighting.

Neon colours have to constantly be paired with make-up since they are very bright and overwhelming. As expected, this is a high-maintenance colour and after a few washes, it tends to fade to a pastel version of the colour. But hey, at least you tried an incredibly shocking hair colour!

Hair colours have been around for hundreds of years, with people using henna and turmeric to dye their hair and lime to bleach it. Since then, our methods of hair dyeing have changed but the principle still remains the same - that changing hair colour is an art form and it can change our overall appearance. Whether you decide to go for the brightest of pinks or simple blond highlights, it's still a bold move. And if you're feeling like these colours weren't bold enough, you can always amp it up and mix some together. Visit your nearest hair salon for a fresh, bold dye.  

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