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Summer Plant Care: 5 Tips To Help Your Plants Thrive This Season

by Chiara Micallef

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Cacti in a garden

Maltese summers are gruelling for most of us – and even for certain plants. While most houseplants come from tropical environments originally, and they can handle summer well, the scorching summer sun and heat might harm some. Here are 5 tips to provide better care for your plants this summer. 

1. Rethink Sun Exposure 

During summer we have longer days, and as the sun is way more intense than in winter months, it is best to rethink how this might affect your plants. While some plants will be just as happy in an overwhelmingly hot area, others might not be as forgiving. 

Watch where the sunlight falls and move plants accordingly.  

2. Keep An Eye Out For Dry Soil

Summers in Malta, while humid, may still dry out your plants' soil and hinder growth. This means that you need to change your watering schedule in accordance with their needs. Check their soil by pressing the tip inch with your finger, and if it's dry, you need to re-water your babies asap. 

3. Check For Signs Of Stress

Tender leaves, wilted foliage, pale colours and yellow or brown patches are all signs of plant stress. Be ready to identify plant issues early on to avoid irreversible damage to your plants. If you notice these signs, it might be best for you to rethink your watering schedule or the plants' placement in your home.

4. Be Mindful Of Windows 

From scorched leaves to limp foliage, leggy stems or pale, dropped leaves are all tell-tale signs of an unhappy plant. If your beauties are looking down in the dumps as of late, it is best to re-examine their needs carefully. Some plants might not do well when placed in direct sunlight on windowsills, as the glass might act as a magnifier. This means that it could scorch the plant's leaves. 

5. Turn Off The AC 

Unlike humans, plants do not enjoy air conditioners or fans, as they might lower humidity and dry out the plant's foliage. Avoid placing your plants in direct line with any fans or air conditioners in your home. 

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