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The Dad Dilemma: What Gift to Get and What to Do on Father's Day

by Mr Yellow

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We're going to go ahead and say it - mums are much easier to shop for than dads. After all, there are only so many bottles of aftershave that you can gift your father. So, to help you out with your Father's Day dilemmas; we've decided to round up a few gift and activity ideas to inspire you.

What To Get Him

It goes without saying that not all dads enjoy the same things, but we think that our gift ideas will surely suit many different types of dads.

The Foodie Father

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and this certainly applies to many dads who enjoy the finer things in life. So, how about putting together a great assortment of goodies that he can savour and enjoy? How about a bottle of his favourite vino, a scrumptious selection of artisan cheeses, candied nuts, a little jar of truffle pâté and gourmet chutney? You can also add a little sentimental memento or sneak in a box of handmade chocolates if your dad is known for his sweet tooth...the sky is truly the limit here!

Visit a delicatessen or a specialised gift hamper store for assistance and ideas!

The Dapper Dad

Is your dad a smart gent that cuts a stylish figure wherever he goes? If your dad takes pride in his appearance and enjoys dressing stylishly, then you can easily get him a new piece to add to his collection. How about a quirky or a classic bowtie in a beautiful gift box? Or a gorgeous pair of cufflinks that he can treasure for years to come? Alternatively, you can always opt for a well-cut blazer in a classic colour (such as navy blue or tan) that will go well with his patterned shirts and beloved chinos.

The Whisky Connoisseur

Admittedly, this is bound to be a fail-safe option that will surely be appreciated by many pops. Is he partial to a wee dram of fine Scottish whisky? Or how about something from across the Atlantic if he's more of a bourbon man? The selection of whiskies that is available nowadays is truly astounding so we are sure that you will be able to find a great one at any price point. However, if whisky is not really his tipple of choice, you can opt for a great bottle of gin or you can always get him a selection of craft beer if it's more his thing. A visit to one of the many wines and spirit retailers is all you need to make your dad happy!

The Automobile Aficionado

Many dads have a passion for cars and while we are not suggesting that you get him a new car for Father's Day; the next best thing will still make a great impression. Indeed, a model car is a cute way in which to bring his interest indoors and it would certainly add visual interest to that bookcase in his study.

Does he still think fondly of the first car he had in the 70s or does he like classic cars? Just pop by a model car shop to get the perfect mini vroom for him.

The Gardening Guru

If your dad can always be found pottering around the garden or his terrace planters; then you don't need to look further than one of the well-equipped garden centres across Malta and Gozo. What you get him will obviously be influenced by your budget and the size of his outdoor area - a colourful geranium plant is both easy on the pocket and easy to care for, while a small fruit tree or even an olive tree would be great if you want to go the whole nine yards.

Activities You Can Do Together

While we're sure that your dad will appreciate a thoughtful gift, we're sure that he'll appreciate even more spending some quality time with you. Here are some of the activities that are at the top of our list this year.

Need for Speed

If your dad is the automobile aficionado that we described above, then we think that he'll absolutely love the opportunity to spend some time on the track karting around! Visit a local go karting provider for a morning, afternoon or evening of adrenaline-fuelled fun and excitement. It is possible to choose short sessions or longer sessions while packages that also include refreshments are also very often available. You can extend the fun further by rounding up a big group of family members and friends for a proper race competition!

Up, Up and Away

Here's another great idea for the dad who enjoys a good thrill!

Various flying schools in Malta offer the possibility to experience a trial flight on one of their light aircrafts which will not only give him a taste of the skies but also the chance to enjoy a panoramic view of the Maltese Islands. Usually, there are different flight durations available and one can choose between a two or four-seater aircraft, so it's possible to select the experience that best suits your requirements.

Paint This Way

A great activity for the dad who also happens to be an art addict (or who spends every trip abroad insisting that you visit every museum in sight)? There are various art schools distributed across Malta and Gozo that offer art classes for adults. While it's unlikely that either one of you will become the next Caravaggio or Picasso, we think that it would be a lot of fun to take an art class together. Moreover, you'll also have some pieces to take home with you (although you may not feel inclined to hang them up) apart from all the wonderful memories that are yours to keep forever.

Fun in the Sun

If your dad is not really into adrenaline-fuelled activities or does not have any artistic ambitions, you can always go away for a relaxing weekend with the whole family to a local beach hotel. The weather in June is sufficiently warm to enjoy time on the beach or near the pool but not too unbearably hot that it feels stifling. Your dad will finally have time to finish that biography that has been on his bedside table for months and spend time with his favourite people in the world...what's not to like?

A Feast Fit for a King

If you'd like to keep things more low-key, how about spending some quality time together over a good steak (we still have to meet a dad who doesn't enjoy one) and a bottle of vintage red wine? The best thing is that a good meal is just a click away thanks to Tablein!

And while we're on the subject of steaks, why not flex your culinary muscle and organise a BBQ feast for your dad? Just visit one of these butcher shops for an excellent selection of meats, prepare a big salad, a batch of roasted potatoes and round the meal off with his favourite dessert from one of these confectionaries.

While it is true that dads may be more difficult to shop for than mums, it is also true that dads are easy to please. So, whatever you decide to go for, we're sure that your dad will appreciate the thought and the time spent with you. 

Now that you're all set for what to do and what to give him, how about finishing it off with a meaningful greeting card from one of these stores?

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