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The Complete Guide To The New Covid-19 Business Regulations

by Chiara Micallef

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A lot of businesses have felt the brunt of the Coronavirus over the past few months. Even though the government took some measures to alleviate these businesses from the Covid-19 pressures, the time has come for local shops to slowly reopen.

Many business owners got creative when it came to surviving this pandemic, and some even switched to offering their services online.

However this was not enough to get the metaphorical wheel turning, so the Maltese government had to find a better and more permanent solution. 

As we all know, many outlets such as beauticians, salons and restaurants will be opening their doors as of Friday 22nd May. The government issued a statement earlier this week stating that even though doors will re-open for these establishments, a set of rules and regulations will need to be followed. 

We at Yellow have filtered through these restrictions and compiled a short explanation of what they entail. On this list, you can find the necessary information for salons, restaurants, snack bars, churches, swimming pools and social clubs. 


  • Restaurants will be presented with on-site inspections and issued a compliance certificate. Certificates will be fixed upon the entrance for patrons to see.
  • Owners will be asked to fill a self-assessment form on a daily basis. This form will be inspected by the Malta Tourism Authority or any other accredited health authorities. 
  • Menus and wine lists need to be single-use. 
  • Condiments will be presented in disposable containers. 
  • Table size is limited to six people or less. Patrons must be limited to one for every 4sqm. 
  • Clutter on tables should be kept to a minimum.
  • Extended service times will be implemented to avoid overcrowding. 
  • Diners seated in outdoor areas will be kept at least 2 metres apart. 
  • Staff personnel are required to wear face masks or visors. 
  • Guests should be presented with hand sanitisers upon entry and exit. 
  • Eateries caught breaching the rules more than once will be shut down and have their license suspended. 

Social Clubs 

  • Social clubs such as kazini and bocci clubs will be allowed to reopen if they provide their services in open spaces. 
  • Social distancing measures need to be adhered to. 

Bars and Cafeterias 

  • These establishments will follow the same rules as restaurants, meaning that tables cannot hold more than six people. 


  • Even though hotels were never technically closed down, they will still need to operate in accordance with rules and regulations set in place. 
  • Since travel to Malta is banned, hotels are allowed to cater to internal tourism – meaning that they can provide service to local patrons.
  • Outdoor pools can be used, however, indoor pools will remain shut. 
  • Buffet services are strictly prohibited. 

Public Spaces 

  • Public toilets are to be disinfected every hour and only four people at a time can be allowed in the waiting area. 
  • Airflow dryer use is also restricted, however disposable paper towels will be provided. 
  • Public outdoor swimming pools will be reopened, but the number of people allowed in will be reduced by half. Social distancing protocols are to be followed. 
  • Deckchairs and sunbeds are to be sanitised and disinfected after each use, while sunbathers are to be kept 2 metres apart. 
  • Open-air cinemas can be reopened, as long as social distancing rules are observed.
  • As for sports and fitness classes, only up to six people will be allowed as long as the session takes place outside. No indoor classes are allowed.

Beauty Salons 

  • Facials, steam treatments and vapour techniques are prohibited. 
  • Staff and clients need to wear surgical masks or visors during the service. 
  • Hand sanitisers must be made available near every workstation and in the reception area. 
  • Workstations must be kept at a minimum distance of 2 metres apart. They also need to be separated by a perspex barrier – barriers need to be sanitised after each use. 
  • Reception areas will also be fitted with perspex barriers. 
  • Only one client and one staff member will be allowed inside the shop at any time if the area is that of 10sqm or less. 

Nail Salons 

  • The number of clients allowed inside will be limited to avoid overcrowding. The maximum capacity is one person per 10sqm, excluding staff. 
  • Workstations are to be kept at a minimum distance of 2 metres. 
  • Perspex protection shields are to be installed to protect both the clients and workers. Perspex barriers are to be cleaned after every client. 
  • Tools, seating areas and tables are to be sterilised after every use.
  • Hand sanitisers must be made available in reception areas and near all workstations. 
  • Clients and service providers are to wear a face mask or visor at all times. 

Hair Salons 

  • Barbers are restricted from shaving or restyling beards. 
  • Perspex barriers need to be installed in reception areas and between chairs. 
  • Hand sanitisers are to be provided at reception areas and workstations. 
  • All workstations, trolleys, chairs, tools and washbasins are to be disinfected after every use. 
  • Magazines and other non-essentials are to be eliminated. 
  • Clients need to get their temperature checked before being allowed indoors. 
  • Only one customer for every 10sqm available. Meaning that you cannot take anyone else with you for your appointment.
  • The use of handheld hair dryers is discouraged, along with the use of neck brushes and razors. 
  • Walk-ins will not be allowed, meaning that you will need to book an appointment in advance. 
  • Vulnerable people will not be allowed in if possible. 
  • Salon owners may refuse entry to anyone who is visibly sick. 


  • Funerals will resume as of Friday under a number of conditions that are still being decided on. 
  • The government has not issued any statements in regards to regular Mass. However, more details will be announced on Friday. 

All shops and salons are asked to use contactless payments to avoid contamination. 

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