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How to ask for a raise and get it

by Yellow 309 Days

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Picture this. You've been working diligently for a company for a considerable stretch of time, putting in consistent effort into the work you've been giving out. So, you believe it's high time to cash in your performance for a better pay cheque.

Here are 6 tips on how to ask for a raise, and get it.

Pick the perfect time

As they say, t
he early bird catches the worm. Do not wait around for your annual performance review to propose a raise, as by then the company would have probably planned out employee salaries and wage increases. Plan this beforehand, at an appropriate point which is not too late, but also not premature. 

Do your research

Walking into a meeting and expecting to become a millionaire overnight will not do you any favours. Do your research before you step into the meeting room.
You should be aware of your market value, so that you are able to negotiate a realistic and reasonable raise. There are multiple online platforms which can help you calculate a fair figure. You may also ask peers and mentors for their advice.

Read your audience

Knowing how to approach your boss can prove to be an important advantage. It might be beneficial to be direct with certain employers, and ask for a meeting about the current state of affairs.
Alternatively, it is better to be more subtle with others, slipping the subject into a conversation to assess how he or she reacts. Sometimes, the way you approach your boss may make or break your pitch.

Keep calm and rehearse

Confidence is the key to success. The most fool-proof way to eliminate your anxiety is to practise. Take time to mentally go through your ideas and rehearse at home. Evaluate your arguments and anticipate possible questions your boss might bring to the table.

Additionally, take a dose of stress relief before that important meeting, be it a jog before work, or a cup of tea at the office.

Put yourself in your employer's shoes

Your boss looks for professionalism, creativity, and productivity. Do not go on a rant about why you need a raise. Talk about why you deserve it. List your accomplishments within the company without sounding pretentious, and show that you believe in yourself.
Bonus tip: Be concise. Deliver your arguments efficiently and effectively, to keep your employer engaged.

Use your mistakes as an asset

Admitting your mistakes in the right way shows character strength. Expressing what you have taken away from your mistakes reminds your employer that, you may not be perfect, but you are a credible employee with the ability of incremental learning.
It will also express that giving you a raise would be a motivator for you to continue learning how to become a better, and more valuable employee. 

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