How to keep your employees in the loop

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Whether you’re running a business made up of 100 employees or a startup with 5 people, communication, like oxygen, is key. Employers need to ensure that communication between employees is open and frequent. Employees are to be kept up to date with any recent news and any upcoming projects. With the surge of communication channels at the tip of our fingers, keeping employees in the loop is easier than ever with emails, video conferencing, texts and social media.

Here are 8 ways you can ensure your employees are kept up to date with activities happening within the office:

1. Open spaces

Internal communication bases its foundations on listening as well as talking. Open door policies between managers and senior level positions are encouraged as they increase communication between employees, create a more inviting environment between different departments and ultimately help get employees in the loop. Reserve the separate rooms in the office for meetings specifically.

2. Power of the written word

Issue a monthly newsletter providing the employees with any information they might have missed out on, this is an ideal way of keeping your employees updated .You could also include positive feedback the company would have received, this will be a good boost for your employees. The newsletter should set the right tone and avoid sounding patronising.

3. Google Documents

Google documents are a lifesaver. They’re an excellent way of encouraging communication between employees working on the same project. They’re easy to share and easily accessible!

4. Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that should be used to the best of its abilities. Sites such as Facebook have become the medium in which the younger, as well as older generations, communicate. Companies should take advantage of this user-friendly medium!

5. Mobile apps

Our mobile phones have become an extension of our hands. Companies should make use of this device to share notifications between staff.

6. Group meetings

Face to face interaction still remains the number one tool for communication, smaller groups especially benefit from close-knit meetings. Meetings should promote employees to voice any queries and clear the air. It helps to have an agenda to follow but keep in mind that these small meetings should be less structured and  allow space for employees to feel comfortable.

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7. Posters

This might at first, seem like a dated way to relay any information but could prove to be very resourceful. Posters are a reliable way of reminding employees of any upcoming projects or events. Make sure to place them in eye-catching locations.

8. Feedback

Employee feedback is of paramount importance, so it is crucial that communication channels such as staff surveys, meetings, one-on-one sessions, casual chats and lunches are put in place. This will encourage your staff to voice any problems which could be determinantal to your business and could be immediately solved if higher positions are aware of the situation. Create an atmosphere where employees feel engaged.

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