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6 Tips for business when responding to reviews on Yellow

by Yellow 239 Days

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Members of the online Yellow Club can rate and review local businesses through our newly refreshed website. Your business could easily be one of them.  

Yellow Club members can also email our Yellow sales specialist on sales@yellow.com.mt to get connected with the manager of a business they’ve reviewed to explain their review in more detail. 

So how should your company respond to a review by a Yellow user, especially if it’s a bad one? Have a look at these 6 tips to find out!  

Respond to all reviews

It doesn’t matter if a review is positive or negative. It’s very important that you acknowledge every single one. Responding to reviews is one of the best ways to connect with your customers outside of the business sphere. 

Keep your comments short and sweet. Don’t go into too much detail, or ask a bunch of questions about what the reviewer experienced. A maximum of three sentences is a good standard to go by. 

Bonus tip: Keep calm. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you if a review has made you feel angry or annoyed. Take some time to compose yourself and write a polite well-worded reply. You might also want to ask a colleague to proof the reply, to make sure that the right message comes across. 

Accept your responsibility 

Mistakes happen to everyone. If you own up to your mistakes, most customers will be quite understanding and forgiving. Be a responsible representative of your business by always respecting your customers’ concerns, no matter how unfounded or exaggerated they are.

Your response to a Yellow review is essentially PR content. So rise above being defensive, and be ready to admit that you’re in the wrong when your business truly is to blame. Sensible sympathy can go a long way. 

Take bad situations offline