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5 Ways to market your business for Fathers Day

by Yellow

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Father’s Day is round the corner. People are racking their brain to think of the best way to thank their dad for all he’s done. They’re wiling to spend their time and money to show their appreciation. 

What does this mean for your business? As Father’s Day signs pop up in shop windows around the island, businesses will be competing for their slice of the pie. The key is to stand out with a marketing strategy that resonates with your customers. 

These 5, easy-to-execute ideas are especially worth trying if dads are within your target market.

Discount your most popular dad gifts

It’s not just ties and aftershaves that sell well for Father’s Day! Take note of the gifts your customers are most likely to buy for the dads in their lives, based on your sales records and recent business trends. Pick a few of them and discount them slightly in anticipation of the big day.   

Bonus: Shoppers don’t always have time to patiently wrap their Father’s Day presents. By providing a free gift wrapping service, you’ll be making their life easier.

Promote especially selected gift combinations

Some people like giving many small gifts instead of one main present.  Attract their attention with special, well-thought-out packages that include a combination of gifts. As you plan out these packages, make sure you are catering for your different types of customers.

Organise an online competition

Use social media to promote your company’s products or services ahead of Father’s Day. Many of your existing and potential customers spend time scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. 

Promote an online giveaway on your social media pages to encourage them to, for instance, share stories about the dads in their lives. This will help you build a stronger relationship with them as they engage with your brand.   

Host a Father’s Day event

Reach out to the dads in your target market by hosting an event for fathers in your store. You could simply offer drinks and snacks, or take it a step further and organise games that dads can enjoy with their kids. 

Apart from promoting special offers, this gives you an opportunity to build trusting relationships with the dads in your pool of customers.

Hand out branded freebies all dads would appreciate

All fathers go through their own struggles. Connect with your customers by offering thoughtful, branded freebies that address those struggles playfully.

Packs of post-it notes for the unorganised dads, keychains for the forgetful dads, stress balls for the hot-tempered dads — these are just some of the promotional items your business can hand out for Father’s Day. 

Many of these marketing tips can be adapted to other days in your marketing calendar, such as Mother’s Day and Christmas. Take inspiration from them to get your business noticed. If you need support, ask for the help of one of the Marketing Consultants listed on Yellow. 

Yellow is also more than happy to help your business get noticed online. We offer very affordable packages, ranging from listing your business for free on Yellow to building your very own mini-site or website. 

If you’d like to learn more about the services offered by Yellow contact [email protected] or call us on 2125 2252.

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