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7 Things to consider before taking a job abroad

by YELLOW 47 Days

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Working abroad opens up an exciting world of experiences and opportunities. While some of us would leap at the first chance of working overseas, others would have to think twice about the implications of leaving this little island for longer than a holiday break. If you are mulling over the idea of packing up and heading off to another country, or perhaps your employer just presented you with the option of working abroad, here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy that one-way ticket.

Why are you going?

The first question to ask yourself is: Why would you work abroad? It is to further your career? Is the salary package more attractive? Do you need a change of scene? Are you following a potential romance? No matter the reason, it's important that you are honest with yourself. This will help you regulate your expectations and ensure that you are not disappointed once you make the move. Remember that returning is possible, but it can get complicated and expensive.

Does the country work for you?

Take time to thoroughly research the country what will soon become your home. Understand the culture and make sure you are ready to fit into a different way of life. Look into the languages spoken there, to ensure that you'll be able to communicate with others once you get there - even if this means making plans to learn a new language. Find out what the weather is like throughout the year to prepare yourself - physically and psychologically. Read up about the political situation and gauge the cost of living. You can even look up the cuisine to prepare your palate for new and exciting flavours.

Will you get homesick?

It you're planning on moving alone, take some time to consider how the move will affect you emotionally. While we all would miss family and friends to some extent, some people cope with separation better than others. If you're the type who gets very homesick, but you're willing to make the move anyway, you can minimise the impact by choosing a country with easy connections to Malta. Keep in mind that things will get easier once you settle in and make new friends.

What about the legal and healthcare stuff?

Moving comes with paperwork. Invest some of your time in understanding the legal implications of your move. Find out if you need a travel Visa. Familiarise yourself with property and rental laws. It's also a good idea to look at the relevant taxation and employment laws to understand your basic rights, such as vacation or parental leave. Healthcare in general is an important factor to plan for before you leave. Will your new employer provide free healthcare? What's the healthcare situation in the country you're headed to? Depending on the country you'll be moving to, you might also need to take vaccines before moving. 

Does it make financial sense?

The basic question to ask yourself is whether this experience will leave you richer or poorer. There's no right answer here. You might be aware that you'll be making less money, but willing to do so for the experience. Knowing the financial repercussions of your decision before you leave will help you avoid unnecessary disappointment and struggles. 

Will you like your new job?

You're going to be spending a lot of your time at work. So it's important that your job is rewarding to you. You might want to stick out a job you're not that keen on for a few years, and gain financial stability in return. Or you might ditch the better paycheque for working with the company of your dreams. No matter what the reason is, it's important to keep your overall happiness and wellbeing in mind when taking this important decision.

Will you regret your decision?

Finally, one last thing you need to ask yourself is: How would I feel in five years time? Try to project yourself into the future, and ask yourself whether you would regret not having taken the opportunity. Or would you end up looking back at your time abroad as years lost living closer to family?

Being honest with yourself is the key to taking the decision that is right for you.   If you're planning on taking a job abroad and relocating to a new country, you might need some help moving your personal belongings from these
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