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BBQ Season Is Here: A Guide To Malta's Top BBQ Spots

by Chiara Micallef

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Summer is here, and that only means one thing; barbecues. 

Our love for barbecues is pretty much ingrained in our nation's DNA – the passion for grilling mouthwatering pork tenderloins, delicious ribs, marinated beef kebabs, juicy burgers and succulent sausages is pretty much a staple component of the Maltese identity. 

Barbecues are a true source of contentment for us – the scrumptious dishes, family gatherings and late-night seaside grilling sessions are all part of the fun. 

Whether you are a classic charcoal barbecue aficionado or a gas bbq pro, you surely know that you cannot fire up your grill anywhere you like. 

From bbq permits to total grilling bans, choosing a suitable location to sizzle your meat in might not always be as straightforward as one might expect it to be. 

Thankfully, we're here to help – here's a brief and easy guide to Maltese bbq spots, permits and rules. 

First Things First

The first rule is don't be a burr in other people's saddles and clean up after yourself – not only does littering annoy others and ruin whole ecosystems, but it also attracts unwanted pests such as oriental hornets. All of the designated bbq areas featured in this article are equipped with litter and charcoal bins where you can chuck any rubbish accumulated.

Where can you set up your BBQ?


Bbqs can be held at both Little Armier and Armier Bay, but not on the piers, docks or platoons. A permit from the Mellieha Local Council — which can be applied for through their website — is required if you are looking to organise an alfresco barbeque cookout on either one of these picturesque beaches.

Torri l-Abjad

If you would like to organise a good old-fashioned charcoal bbq at Torri l-Abjad, you will be needing a permit from the Mellieha Local Council. 

The good news is that you can opt for other places in the Mellieha area too, such as the three main campsites or Mistra Bay. For all four of these sites, you ought to apply for a permit.

armier malta

Frank Vincentz,  Il-Madonna tal-Ahrax at Triq l-Armier in Mellieħa, Malta via Wikicommons

Bahar ic-Caghaq

Bahar ic-Caghaq is slightly more lenient when it comes to barbecues. You will need clearance from the Naxxar Local Council if you are planning to host more than 10 people for your bbq, however, if you are planning on playing music during your bbq you need to apply for a supplementary permit from the Naxxar Local Council.

Important Note

The Ghadira s-Safra area in Bahar ic-Caghaq is protected due to its ecological importance.

Any barbecues, open fires, littering, loud sounds, or other acts of disturbance to nature are strictly prohibited from this specialised conservation area. 

bahar ic-caghaq

Frank Vincentz, View from the Madliena Tower in Pembroke to Baħar Iċ-Ċagħaq, Naxxar, Malta, via Wikicommons

Xrobb l-Ghagin

The Marsaxlokk Local Council can help you out if you are planning to organise a bbq at this beautiful spot, as you will need to apply for a permit

The same counts for other beaches and bays in the area, such as Kalanka, Delimara, il-Hofriet and Marsaxlokk.

xrobb l-ghagin malta


When it comes to Xemxija, you need to apply for a permit for groups of 10 people or more. You can head down to St. Paul's Bay Local Council to get your hands on a permit – but keep in mind that certain areas of the bay are off-limits. 

You need to set up camp at least 50 metres away from any hotels, bars, restaurants or kiosks.

xemxija malta


There is no need to apply for a permit in the Sliema area, however, you undoubtedly need to be on your toes, as wardens regularly patrol the beach to ensure that nobody is littering. 

The coastal warden may ask you for ID cards to ensure that the place is kept clean by the organisers. Notable bbq areas in Sliema are Exiles Bay, Tigne Beach and Fond Ghadir.

Exiles Sliema


Rinella Bay's cemented platform is the only space in the area where barbecues are allowed, however, you still need to apply for a permit from the Kalkara Local Council to get clearance

kalkara bay

Fran Vincentz, Triq Rinella and Rinella Bay in Kalkara, Malta, via Wikicommons


Gnejna is another great spot for a barbecue, but you can only do so on the sandy areas of this bay. You will also need to apply for a special permit from the Mgarr Local Council. Permits are required for both charcoal and fuel BBQs. 

If you are looking to play music during your bbq, you need to keep the volume down after 11 pm.

The same goes for Golden Bay – you need to apply for a permit. You also have to pay a deposit, which will be returned to you after the bbq is done. 

gnejna, malta bbq, bay, beach


Il-Bajja l-Kbira and Il-Bajja z-Zghira are both designated bbq areas where you can settle down to grill your kebabs, however, a permit is required for groups of 15 people or more. 

You can apply for the permit at the Mellieha Local Council. 

If you are looking to get a sound system or a generator for your barbecue, you will need to apply for an extra permit as well. 

You will also need a permit for barbeques in Golden Bay and Ghadira, however, keep in mind that they can only be held after 6 pm. 

Keep in mind that if you are going to pay for your permit online, you need to do so at least three days before the bbq date and not on weekends.

mellieha malta


Marsascala is pretty much the equivalent of the promised land for every bbq lover in Malta. You still need to apply for a permit, however, it comes at no cost. 

The local council can provide you with littering bags and you can set up your bbq pretty much anywhere from Zonqor Point to St Thomas Bay. Not only will you have ample space to spread your stuff around, but the area also presents you with a pretty sweet view. It is important to note that BBQs are not permitted in sandy areas.

st thomas san tumas malta marsaskala

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