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Alternative activities for the season

by Yellow 666 Days

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Cold weather doesn't make much sense without the festive season, don't you think so? Now that the holidays are long gone, all we're left with now is a bulge we're eager to get rid of and boredom. If you're unsure about how to get through the festive season, check out these 7 alternative activities we have laid out for you!

Work off the love handles before the love feast

After munching away at all the goodies in the pantry over the Christmas holidays, it's time you get some well-needed workout into your routine... Especially with Valentine's being right around the corner. Join a gym or sign yourself up to a weekly pilates class. On sunny days, go for a walk on the countryside. Every little effort makes a difference.

Actually be a better version of you

Let's face it, by Spring, you'll be fed up of staying away from pizza, budgeting at all times and waking up super early every single morning... Take advantage of your current motivation to stick to your resolutions. Having your stuff together for 3 months out of 12 is better than nothing!

Snuggle the nights away

Take advantage of the cold weather to stay home and snuggle. Invite your friends over for a movie marathon and order take-out or alternatively have your love bug come over for a night of cuddles. It's okay to stay in every now and then, especially since baby it's cold outside...

Crawl your way through a book

What's better than getting to read a novel on a windowsill while the pitter patter of rain makes its way across the glass of your window? Catch up on your reading list and use your down time to explore the mystical world of books. Just the thought of it makes us feel more relaxed.

Appreciate age

Get fancy! Put on your best outfit and head on out to savour some wine with your buds. An aged wine is good for the soul, especially during the cold evenings. Just remember; drink responsibly!

Interpret some art

Shelter yourself from the chilly nights in a warm, culture-packed art exhibition. Chat with people who share your artsy side and spend the night interpreting pieces of art. Are the red curtains a representation of the pain the artist suffered? Is the painting on the wall a memory from the past?

Explore Malta's history

Malta's history is worth exploring, especially when it's too cold for a quick dip in the sea and the rain outside makes a picnic or hike out of the question. Visit one of the many museums on the island, rent an audiobook and spend the day delving into Malta's mysteries. You can never know enough of Malta's past.

Let us know what you look forward to doing this season round in the comments below!

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