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6 TV shows to binge-watch on your day off

by Yellow

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When it comes to TV series, the list of shows to pick from can seem never-ending. Choosing a series to follow can be tricky.You wouldn't want to invest your time off into watching something that disappoints you a few episodes down the line. We're here to help!
Here are 6 great, binge-worthy TV shows worth investing your time in on your day off.

Stranger Things

What better way to spend your free day than catching up, or refreshing your memory on the first season of Stranger Things - just before the second season is released? Follow these three children, whose best friend mysteriously disappears overnight. Little do they know he has been taken into a dark, parallel universe infested by alien life.
Do not miss out on this incredible series, to join everyone else who's wondering how it can get even stranger next season.

The Handmaid's Tale

A very dark take on a dystopian world. This highly-acclaimed adaptation of the 1985 novel, tells the story of a world which is plagued by sterility. Only a handful of women are capable of bearing children. These women are taken into a rich family's custody, named handmaids, and are forced to have the couple's children for them.

This tale follows a rebellious handmaid. She does not want to be trapped in the standards of a society which imprisons her as a surrogate. It definitely makes for a great show to watch and make you think.

Rick and Morty

A collection of fantastical ,and borderline politically incorrect adventures of a genius grandfather and his grandson. This hilarious duo travels through galaxies together. They cause havoc on all the populations they come across, both human and alien.
A show which pushes the boundaries of animation, and is a complete blast to all viewers in short 20 minute bursts.

Jane the Virgin

his is certainly the funniest baby-drama ever shown on television. Jane, a woman who grew up being preached to about the importance of virginity, gets accidentally inseminated during her routine gynaecological examination. The plot thickens when you find out that Jane was about to get married. The father of her accidental child was a crush she had a couple of years back.

This show lifts up your spirits in a heartbeat, and makes you forget all your problems during your day off.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A whimsy adaptation of the radically famous series of books by Daniel Handler, who takes the pen name of Lemony Snicket to narrate this story. This is a twisted, yet fun tale of three orphaned children who are put under the wing of their unusual relative, Count Olaf. Due to the enormous wealth left to the children by their deceased parents, Olaf conspires overly-complicated plans to take their money.
It is very easy to be sucked into the world of this peculiar family. Especially since every two or three episodes tells the story of one whole book in the series. So, it offers a fast-paced journey, where you can get closure even without watching a complete season.

American Horror Story

The basic concept of this show is one of the primary reasons why it's so binge-watch-worthy. This is a collection of mini-series, where every season is a separate story-line with completely new characters. These range from the on-goings of an asylum, to the absurdities of a freak show. You can easily watch through a whole season without even realising it.

The brand-new season discovers an alternate reality where Donald Trump being elected as president. This literally brings complete chaos across every nation of the United States. Sounds bizarre, but it definitely works.

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