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13 at-home date ideas which won't break the bank

by Yellow

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Sometimes the number in your bank account is low and other times you're just feeling lazy...either way, both of these situations tend to make a night-in sound very appealing. Just because you can't spend money, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the company of your loved one though! If you're looking for cheap -or free- dates you can work up with your boo, keep reading for some of our tips!

Dig out some old home movies

Stay at home and watch some of each-other's home movies. 
Compliments will abound and laughs will follow.
"That was one serious mono-brow you had going there.”
"Your head was five sizes too big.”
You will suddenly both appreciate the wonders puberty has done for you both and appreciate each other's good looks even more.

Complete a workout challenge together

Download the Workout App and get fit together! Not only will you both appreciate the results, but whilst the struggle will be real, it will also be amusing. Watch and laugh as your partner rolls off an exercise ball, trips in a skipping rope or loses the beat and face-plants off a treadmill.

Learn a new skill together

Find some tutorials and get knitting, baking, painting or fiddling on the guitar together! Apart from broadening your skill-set, you can also engage in a little 'healthy' competition. 

Cook a three-course meal

Gather some interesting ingredients and go all out, down to the slightest detail! Include home-made sauces, marinades, and ice-cream and treat yourself to some home-cooked heaven.

Stargaze on the roof

All you'll need this time 
round is; cushions, a hoodie, insect repellent and some blankets, and you're good to go! There's a reason why this one's a classic. Crank up the Frank Sinatra playlist and dance under the moonlight once you've spotted your fair share of shooting stars.

Start a Scrapbook

There's something about printing photos... Get all your favourite memories off Facebook and into a scrapbook! Caption each one, writing when and where it happened. N.B. Embarrassing stories should be included!

Embark on a home-improvement project

Whether it's re-upholstering an old arm-chair, building a bookcase or installing storage, the process will enhance your teamwork -and patience-, and the outcome will be most gratifying. You can then boast about your productive date-nights each time someone compliments your fancy armchair.

Have a D.M.C.

Once you're done moaning about long workdays, frustrating clients or impossible traffic, have a Deep and Meaningful Conversation. Ask each other uncomfortable questions and play ‘would you rather'. Challenge each other to get past shallow conversations.

Play themed scrabble

Grab a theme (and a mug of hot chocolate), and add your own special rules to regular Scrabble to spice things up. Count only the words that are related to the theme!

Cheese fondue and wine tasting

Melt some cheese, prepare a Focaccia and test your taste buds. Get some friends to recommend a selection of wines and compare and contrast!

Have your own silent disco

Whip on some headphones, crank up the volume and have a dance-off. Ensure neighbours remain blissfully unaware of the shenanigans going down next door by closing your blinds! 

Build a fort and watch some old-school cartoons

Are you both still young at heart? Embrace the child within you by building your own fort, complete with fairy lights and an abundance of pillows. Snuggle up inside it and watch a few episodes of "Rugrats” or "Hey Arnold” for old times sake!

Invent your own cocktail

Are you frequently indecisive when it comes to choosing between sweet, tangy, aromatic or citrus? Create a cocktail each, then share and rate them! 

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