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Steel Projects Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Stainless Steel Works
  • Marketplace

We produce flag poles, signage, frames, stainless steel staircases, work tops and wall cladding, shelving, designer furniture
light fixtures and more. Our services include: plate bending and cutting, pipe-bending, welding, notching and more!

Andrew Vassallo General Trading Ltd

Gudja, Malta | Stainless Steel Works
We Deliver

Whether you need quality railings, security grills, stainless steel name plates or any other type of steel structure, our company can help you out. We also provide on time deliveries and competitive prices. Contact us for more information.

Closed Now
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J Lautier Co Ltd

Msida, Malta | Stainless Steel Works
We Deliver

We are importers, wholesalers and manufacturers of high-quality stainless steel, profiles and accessories. We do apertures and fixtures, balconies, railings, staircases, canopies and much more. Contact us today for a free consultation and quotation.

Jays Custom Works

Rabat, Malta | Stainless Steel Works
We Deliver

For stainless steel works on sea vessels, stainless steel works for residential and commercial purposes, look no further. The list of stainless steel works we do is endless. We also offer repair services which we carry out to perfection. Call us now

A C M A Inox & Metal Ltd

A C M A Inox & Metal Ltd

Zejtun, Malta | Stainless Steel Works
Anvil & Forge

Anvil & Forge

Marsa, Malta | Stainless Steel Works
Ferro Martino by Debono Martin

Ferro Martino by Debono Martin

San Gwann, Malta | Stainless Steel Works
G S S Stainless Steel Works

G S S Stainless Steel Works

Zebbug, Malta | Stainless Steel Works
Hans Stainless Steel

Hans Stainless Steel

B’Kara, Malta | Stainless Steel Works

MCS Fabrications

Gudja, Malta | Stainless Steel Works
Silencers Service

Silencers Service

Siggiewi, Malta | Stainless Steel Works

Stainless Steel projects

B’Kara, Malta | Stainless Steel Works

Stainless Steve @ Country Garage

Naxxar, Malta | Stainless Steel Works


B’Bugia, Malta | Stainless Steel Works

Zaminox Enterprises Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Stainless Steel Works

Did you mean a company called Stainless Steel Works?

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Stainless Steel Works in Malta & Gozo

From the simplest of zippers to the tallest of skyscrapers such as the Chrysler building, stainless steel has become essential in both commercial and domestic applications, with many industries heavily regarding this metal as the most effective solution to their needs.

What is stainless steel?

Also known as inox steel or simply inox, stainless steel contains a group of iron-based alloys (including iron, chromium and nickel) which help it resist corrosion and heat, while it also enhances its fabricating characteristics. Yet, what has rendered it highly popular is the fact that it has a long life cycle, while it is 100% recyclable. Available in all forms, you may find it in sheets and strips, as well as bars, wire pipes and tubing. What's more, you may opt for a variety of finishings such as brushed, polished, swirled or perforated depending on your taste and needs.

How to get hold of stainless steel locally

The metal's prevalence is visible locally with suppliers across Malta and Gozo offering a range of stainless steel products and custom-made works ranging from doors, windows and facades to partitioning, gates, railings and fences that can be produced in a variety of styles be it rustic or modern. Other common items include flag poles, signage, frames, staircases, shelving and furniture, together with smaller items like letterboxes. Certain stainless steel suppliers also sell a number of other materials and accessories like sealants and fasteners to name a few.

Pricing varies from supplier to supplier, with this heavily depending on the type of project you have requested, however, the majority of distributors usually offer free quotes, whereby they visit your premises, take measurements and offer advice on the best possible solution.

When is stainless steel used?

Perhaps one of the least corrosive materials, its resistance, ease of cleaning (be it by steam or sterilisation) and the fact that it needs no surface coatings means that it is the material of choice for a wide array of industries.

Domestic use

Kitchen - Offering a modern and clean look, it comes as no surprise that stainless steel is the most requested material for the home. From cookware to cutlery and appliances, it has become quite popular in the kitchen. Locally, it is also commonly used in the bathroom where it is used to create soaking tubs and hammered sinks.

Commercial use

Medicine - Surgical tools and other medical equipment are always made out of steel since they can easily be sterilised in an autoclave without them disintegrating or decaying, whereas surgical implants like hip sockets and cranial plates are also made out of this material because they can withstand biological processes. On the other hand, stainless steel is also widely used in dentistry for things like implants, crowns, brackets and other things most especially in orthodontics.

Construction - From heavy equipment to tools and machinery, the construction industry has heavily relied on stainless steel's properties and benefits. It came into prominence during the art deco period, however, nowadays it is predominantly utilised on building exteriors such as roofs, while it is ideal for cladding, metalworking and interior decorative finishes. It is also preferred due to the fact that it blends well with other materials amongst which include glass, wood and concrete.

Chemical and petrochemical processing - its ability to resist corrosion be it due to aqueous solutions, gases or high temperatures makes stainless steel ideal for this industry. For example, it is found in tankers used to store or transport chemicals and food.

Commercial kitchens - a common sight in such kitchens, stainless steel is typically used for countertops, cabinets and food preparation tables. Its ability to withstand high temperatures, while the fact that it is nonporous and therefore safe for food preparation means that it provides good protection against stains, helping you to maintain the kitchen in tiptop condition. The material is often used in the same manner in food processing plants, breweries and wineries.

Airports - stainless steel is mainly employed as roofing since it abides with the strict aviation low-reflectivity and Solar Reflective Index (SRI) requirements, which helps reduce reflecting glare and therefore, makes it safer for pilots to land planes without being blinded.

How to clean and take care of your stainless steel

Whether you have opted for stainless steel as your commercial or your residential solution, its exposure to a score of things ranging from dirt and grease to water spots and even fingerprints means that you might want to give your surfaces a good clean every so often. For removing fingerprints and water spots, a commercial stainless steel cleaner should do the trick, yet for tougher stains, you might need to use some warm water and detergent such as liquid soap. Ensure that any scrubbing is done in the direction of the grain since wiping against it may cause small surface scratches and may ruin the product, while always use a soft cloth as opposed to a wire sponge or a piece of steel wool. Also, avoid abrasive detergents like bleach and if stainless steel is prevalent in your kitchen, do not let acidic food items remain on the surface because doing so may leave white markings.

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