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Looking For Arthritis Relief? Here Is Why You Need To Consider Stem Cells

by St Mary's Clinic

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Stem cell treatments can be used for a multitude of things, and the possibilities are pretty much endless. They can help in the development of a number of different cells in your body. In this post, we are going to investigate how these super cells can help you overcome arthritis. Stem cells are used in today's medical world to replace worn out or damaged tissues in the body. They can self replicate, differentiate into multiple tissues, fight cell death and even reduce inflammation. 

What are stem cells? 

These nifty microscopic bits have the ability to divide and duplicate themselves. They can be injected in a number of areas in your body to regenerate it. This means that they can fix a number of diseases or conditions in your body which might be troubling you. Stem cells are especially helpful when it comes to treating patients who are suffering from ailments like arthritis. 

They can also be used to repair your body's tissue in the following areas: 

  • Meniscus
  • Cartilage 
  • Bones
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Muscles 

How is the treatment given? 

Stem cells are injected into a specific area. They can be seen as building blocks for your cells, and can be used to regenerate tendon or cartilage cells as well. They are mainly used to help injuries heal quicker. The stem cells are taken from someone's abdomen. They are treated and separated from the fat in controlled conditions, and are later injected into the designated area. This treatment is used to assist tissue regeneration and healing in a quick and safe manner. 

What are the risks? 

The risks of stem cell treatments are minimal. The most wonderful thing about this treatment, is that local anesthetic is used, rather than general anesthetic. General anesthetic can cause a multitude of complications for older people or those who have a weakened heart.  

Why should you opt for stem cell treatments? 

To put it simply, with stem cell treatments, you will avoid a number of complications, such as thrombosis. This can oftentimes happen during knee replacement surgery — a common treatment for knee arthritis. 


Other benefits of stem cell treatments: 

  • Bodies never reject stem cells, since they are harvested from the very same body
  • Infection risk is extremely slim
  • The recovery is not as painful as knee replacement surgery
  • The procedure is done in just two hours
  • Results are seen after just four weeks
  • 70% success rate
  • The procedure can be done multiple times
  • Pain relief from ligament pain or arthritis troubles

Who can benefit from stem cell therapy? 

Quite literally anyone, really. Stem cell therapy can be presented to people of all ages, whether they are suffering from joint injury or a degenerative condition like osteoarthritis, this procedure can help them get back on their feet in no time. We at St. Mary's Clinic have performed this procedure on a number of people from all age groups, including a particular patient who is 95 years old. 

If you are looking to get stem cell treatment for any ailments, contact our clinic and we will direct you to one of our specialised doctors. If you would like to contact us, check out our presence on Yellow, Discover Local