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Dormax Press Co Ltd

Marsa, Malta | Printers-Offset

At Dormax Press Co Ltd in Marsa you can benefit from a wide variety of offset prints which vary in size, colour and material. We provide our clients with a range of personalised orders including menus, brochures and stickers.

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Print Right Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Printers-Offset

At Print Right Ltd we provide our clients with high quality printing finishes for large format, digital offset and screen printing. At our store we print flags, books, envelopes, roll up banners, business cards, posters and flyers.

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Blue Print Grafix Press Ltd

Qormi, Malta | Printers-Offset

Printing in bulk? Our printing press provides offset printing at reasonable prices. We print menus, flyers, wedding invites, brochures & more! We also do vinyl printing & embroidery on t-shirts, caps & other garments! Call us now!

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Bonavia Offset Printers

Sliema, Malta | Printers-Offset

Leaflets, invitations, business cards, magazines and booklets are amongst the long list of printing projects we can do for you. We can even work on your designs. We have modern machinery and can print on any type of papers of any size and colour.

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Abbey Printers Ltd

Naxxar, Malta | Printers-Offset

Do you need high quality prints? We at Abbey printers provide a lot of high quality prints for our clients. We provide an excellent service to all of our clients. We focus on quality to provide you a good service. Contact us and we deliver.

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Caxton Printshop Ltd

San Gwann, Malta | Printers-Offset

At Caxton Printshop Ltd we provide our clients with a wide and varied selection of printing services such as menus, brochures, t-shirt printing, window vinyl printing and even hologram and UV invisible ink printing.

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Agius Printing Press Ltd

Floriana, Malta | Printers-Offset

We are your one-stop-shop for both offset and digital printing services. We can accommodate any printing project you might have, from books, tracts and dissertations, to billboards, laminating and binding.

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Offset Press Ltd

B’Kara, Malta | Printers-Offset

We at Offset Press Ltd in Birkirkara provide our customers with a range of high quality offset printing options. Whether you are looking to print old photos or brochures, we are her to help. With us you can print calendars, leaflets and magazines.

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Bonnici Press Est 1924 (Emi)

Valletta, Malta | Printers-Offset

If you are looking to have business cards, letterheads, event invitations, thank you cards and promotional materials printed, then visit us at Bonnici Press Est. 1924. With nearly 100 years in the business, we can assure you our service is the best.

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B C D Printing Ltd

Victoria-Gozo Gozo | Printers-Offset

At B C D Printing Ltd, you can rely on skilled and friendly staff to print menus, leaflets, business cards, and invitations. We ensure that the final product will meet your expectations while offering the best prices.

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Duraprint Press

B’Bugia, Malta | Printers-Offset

Whether it is a simple personalised card or a professional leaflet for a company, we print with care to reproduce what you want. Our top quality services allow you to print all you want from small to large volumes and in different sizes.

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EuroPrint Ltd

San Gwann, Malta | Printers-Offset

We at EuroPrint Ltd in San Gwann can present you with a wide array of printing services and solutions that include roll up banners, wedding invitations, bingo cards, business cards, posters, flyers and more.

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Gutenberg Press Ltd

Tarxien, Malta | Printers-Offset

We at Gutenberg Press Ltd present our clients with a choice of offset printing services and solutions that include prepress, printing, postpress, packaging and shipping solutions. Visit or contact us for more information.

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Sunland Printers Ltd

Zejtun, Malta | Printers-Offset

Sunland Printers Ltd is located in Zejtun and we are here to print and image on a numerous of different such as Handmade Gift Boxes and Portfolios, Invitations, Menus, Thesis, Printers & Bookbinders, Albums and Books. For information contact today.

Logografix Express

San Gwann, Malta | Printers-Offset

We are experts when it comes to printing. We can create professional invitations, business cards, brochures, menus and more, using fast and reliable offset printing. We respect your deadlines, with a 24hr service on your purchase and free delivery.

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Offset Printers in Malta & Gozo

Have a printing project in mind? Looking for a professional printing company to print your corporate or personal designs? Explore the vast range of local businesses which have the most advanced equipment and the necessary expertise to manage all your printing needs in the most effective way possible. The two most common printing methods are offset printing and digital printing, and the method you choose depends on the type of project you have in mind. Offset printing will be discussed in further detail below.

What is offset printing?

Also known as offset lithography, offset printing is one of the preferred printing methods used by local print shops and is a reliable procedure used by both corporate establishments and for personal use. How does it work? Different metal plates are used for each colour, connected to a roller, which, in turn, transfers ink to a rubber cylinder, and consequently, transfers the ink onto the printing surface. Hence, it gets its name from the fact that ink is not transferred directly to the surface you want printed.

You can choose from sheet fed offset or web fed offset. The former method makes use of single paper sheets, while the latter uses a long continuous roll of paper, making it a faster process. The method used depends on what you want printed. 

In contrast to offset printing, no metal plates are used in digital printing. Images are transferred directly from a computer to the digital printing machine, making the process similar to a standard inkjet printer.

What can you print with offset printing?

With offset printing, the possibilities are endless. Whether you need to print a book, newspaper, magazine, or newsletter, a brochure, leaflet or flyer, a catalogue or menu, you can print any corporate or personal product you have in mind, regardless of its size. Corporate items include letterheads, envelopes, labels, business cards and display stands, while other promotional items may include posters, stickers, bookmarks, postcards and vouchers. Wedding invites can also be printed by an offset printer. All these jobs can be managed by the professional print shops in Malta and Gozo.

Offset printing vs Digital printing

When should you choose offset printing over digital printing or vice versa? Here are some factors you need to take into consideration when choosing the best printing method:

Number of print copies & sheets you need

How many copies do you need printed? What's the total number of sheets you need? If you just need a handful of copies, best opt for a digital printer, while offset printing would be a better option if you need to print hundreds or thousands of copies. Why? Digital printing would be more cost-effective when you have small volumes as an offset printer would require more materials, equipment and time, thus increasing initial costs. Offset printers are more efficient in producing large volumes of copies, as paper and ink supplies are cheaper than those used in digital printers.

Thus, you need to consider whether the number of copies you need makes it worthwhile to opt for offset printing. The initial costs of offset printers may be much less than the higher paper and ink costs associated with digital printers.

Colour replication

Offset printing is synonymous with more precise and high quality colour. This is especially crucial when corporate brands have a specific pantone colour which they need to reproduce in promotional items, as part of their brand awareness strategy.

Size of printing surfaces

Offset printers can produce large format prints, in contrast to digital printers.

Time needed to print

Since an offset printer requires more time to set up than a digital printer, the latter is a preferable alternative when you have tight deadlines, which require you to opt for the faster printing method.

Printing materials

With offset printing, you'd have a wider selection of materials to choose from, when compared to digital printing. The types of surfaces, finishes and inks which can be used are more varied.

Type of data: Invariable or variable

If you need to personalise data in each print copy, you need to opt for digital printing. Greeting cards or invites would require each copy to have its own unique data, a feature which offset printers don't allow.

Printing needs vary from one company to another and from one project to another. The printing press will guide you on the most cost-effective option, helping you choose the best way forward.

Pros of offset printing

  • Used for larger prints since it's more cost effective than digital printing
  • Best printing method for commercial quantities as reusable printing plates keep printing costs low
  • High quality colours will be identical for all prints, since the same amount of ink is transferred to the printing surface
  • You have a vast range of surface and ink finishes to choose from

Cons of offset printing

  • Not effective for small print amounts as initial costs are quite expensive
  • Since it requires time to set up all the necessary machinery and printing plates, it's not practical for emergency jobs
  • Data cannot be customised for each printed copy

What's the process of ordering an offset printing job?

  • Ask for a quote
  • Send the design: make sure you follow the artwork guidelines in order to avoid delays and errors. Some printing presses have introduced online portals where users can log in and upload all the designs and images online
  • Proof is sent to client by post or email
  • Upon approval, the press proceeds with the printing
  • The final prints can either be picked up or delivered when ready

Printing services offered by offset print shops

Apart from printing, a number of print shops may offer other services:

  • Pre press services: typesetting, image editing etc…
  • Post press services: binding, perforation, stamping, folding, lamination, stitching, creasing, embossing etc...
  • Packaging and delivery

Want to discover other printing alternatives? Explore large format printing, silk screen and hot foil printing, photo printing companies and much more on Yellow. 


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