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Top 6 reasons why you need to book an appointment with your podiatrist

by Medicaid Pharmacy

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Are you that type of person who waits until your foot or ankle start hurting in order to book an appointment with a podiatrist? Well, best to change mentality and start thinking that prevention is better than cure. Visiting a podiatrist is very beneficial because you can have a complete foot health check up and treat any possible issues before they even occur. 

Especially, if you're prone to uncomfortable foot conditions or want to have refreshing feet for the summer season, here are the top reasons why you should go to your podiatrist now!

Flat feet

As a result of flat feet you are very likely to suffer from pain in the feet, heels, knees, hips, neck and also the back. When your feet have fallen arches your whole body is being put under high stress. Plus, flat feet very often lead to bunions. This is because there is an abnormal pressure on the toe area which causes the bone to move and swing. By consulting with a podiatrist, you can have tailored orthotics suitable for your feet to have the appropriate support required.

Ingrown toenails

You surely don't want to face ingrown toenails! It's really not the ideal situation you want to be in - toenails growing into the skin definitely don't look cool in summer when wearing that stylish pair of sandals. Plus, nail problems are really painful and cause discomfort. Therefore, don't try treating ingrown toenails on your own. But, visit a podiatrist to ensure you check the situation safely and avoid damaging the surrounding tissue. Fungal nail infections are very common when you have ingrown toenails for which a podiatrist can prescribe you some remedies for fast healing.  


Ouch...those bunions!

If you suffer from bunions you definitely know what we're talking about! That big bony lump at the base of the big toe is not easy to deal with and very often you have to take a step back from wearing footwear you really like, such as pointed toe high heels. When visiting a podiatrist you can get professional advice on how to contain it if you don't want to completely eliminate the bunion problem with surgery. A podiatrist can guide you on the best footwear to wear, preferably wide foot, and other treatments such as padding, taping or medication.


A common symptom of diabetes is that of losing the sense of touch and ending up not feeling foot conditions you might have. Thus, regular visits at the podiatrist can help you stay updated with anything happening at the feet area. Issues such as blisters, cuts, sores or other can easily be detected and treated cautiously to avoid the risk of a worsening infection which takes longer to heal. 


Although calluses are not serious feet problems they still can cause discomfort, especially if they get very thick. What causes calluses to form is what really you should be monitoring, as this could mean that you have a problem with your gait or foot structure. Consulting with a podiatrist can help you tackle the severe pain you're suffering from by injecting cortisone to reduce the pain or having the dead skin cut off with a surgical blade.  

Sweaty feet

The need to book an appointment with your podiatrist doesn't only have to do with pain. Having smelly, sweaty feet is an all-year round medical condition. If you tend to wear the same pair of shoes everyday or spend long hours on your feet on a daily basis, sweaty feet are the result. Other causes of sweaty feet could also be shoes which are too tight or if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition which makes you sweat more than normal. A podiatrist could guide you on what material of socks to wear, suggest you an antibacterial soap to apply everyday or even talk to you about medicated insoles with a deodorising effect among other treatments.

Don't be limited by pain while doing your daily activities. Consult with a Medicaid Pharmacy specialist here!