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Jesmond Souliman Contractors

Plastering Contractors, M’Skala - Malta
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Jesmond Souliman Contractors

Plastering Contractors, M’Skala, Malta
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Learn all about Jesmond Souliman Contractors, Plastering Contractors in M’Skala - Malta

Are you looking for plastering services? Look no further as Jesmond Souliman Contractors are at your service with more than 20 years of experience. Be it your home, office or factory, we are your plastering contractors when you need fresh work or renovation.
With our expertise and experience, we serve our customers with different up-keeping requirements based on their budget. However, we also provide them with the best advice in order to ensure that they get the most out of their investment. This is our core strength which has made us very popular among our clients in Malta.
If you are planning to have a partition or lining for your walls or ceiling but worried about possible cracks and shrinkage, we offer the best quality gypsum work. Gypsum plaster is free from sagging, easy to apply, saves time, takes less water and is lightweight. It’s also heat resistant that keeps your building cool inside at reduced electricity usage. Additionally, it absorbs sound, lowers echo effect inside and prevents noise coming from outside. That means you have a cooler, calmer, long-lasting, and cost-effective solution compared to other options like cement plastering.
For those looking for crack-free and stronger plaster, Jesmond Souliman Contractors offers the graffiato plastering solution. It’s more adhesive in nature, completely waterproof and highly elastic. So when you want to make inner and outer walls, maximum durability for your ceiling or walls and want to ensure resistance to damage, this is the best choice for you.
 Though we are one of the most preferred plastering contractors in Malta, we are popular for our other services as well. We offer pointing, coating, roof patchwork, paint touches, and anti-mould treatments to help you keep your residential and commercial buildings look newer and stronger for a long time.

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Jesmond Souliman Contractors
Sunrise, Flat 6 Triq l-Ghaguza ,
M’Skala Malta MSK 1312
99 450 938
[email protected]
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Dishonest and Unreliable - do not hire this turnkey without a well defined plan, contract and fines.

30 Sep 2019

Hired this turnkey to plaster and paint the washroom and roof, repair ceiling cracks and apply liquid membrane to seal from water and rain. His price was 6300Euros (no invoice given) for 35 meters squared.

Work was very stressful, all workers were north african and couldn't speak english or maltese. Workers were never on time, or simply didn't turn up. Plans were never followed and organizing work with the neighbours to plaster the outside walls was impossible due to randomness of his workers.

When the workers did turn up, most of the time they were idle smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee as they were awaiting his directions.

A month after they finished their works, all the paint and plaster fell to the first rain. Some sections he repaired from the ceiling fell right off again - see images attached. Asked him politely for 6 months straight to come and see what happened and repair the damage his workers left. He only fed me back lies and in one call admitted that he did not know what the workers have done!

I bought them paint to use, they burst it with water so they could hurry and cover quickly the walls (leaving paint splattered everywhere when they did and applying a thin weak layer of paint on the walls).

The plaster and other 'quality' materials used by this turnkey were obviously low quality and not suited for external walls, as it turned to all to dust in just a month! Finally the very expensive membrane doesn't seem to be applied properly across the whole roof since some sections still have humidity coming through, and the application of membrane looks very thin in some sections.

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