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Top warning signs you need to repair your POS system

by Electronic Products Ltd

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POS systems are quite an amazing invention. They help you keep track of your stock, inventory, income and some can also present you with forecasts and spreadsheets. However, like every other electronic system, point of sales systems need to be repaired, offered maintenance, or sometimes even replaced. Here are the top signs that you need to repair your system. 

1. The software is slow 

This is one of the mpost obvious points on the list. It is a sign that your current system is either outdated or else it is in need of maintenance. If transactions are slow when going through, or if your system is lagging even when you turn it on or off, chances are that you need to present it with a service. Other signs include having to reboot your system frequently, the system is not user friendly for new employees, or even slow receipt printing. 

2. The hardware is lacking 

If your hardware is held together using tape or it's not compatible with any new software updates available, you need to get your POS either repaired or replaced. Nowadays, POS systems are sleek and small and take no space at all, while older versions are bulkier and take up heaps of space. 

3. Lacking in features 

Nowadays POS systems have certain features in them which are not found in older software. These include features such as having your own CRM solutions, real-time reporting to your own phone, digital receipts, online ordering solutions and customer loyalty programs. If your current POS system does not offer any of these features, it's time to get an upgrade. 

4. You cannot track sales data and history 

This is a critical part of your day-to-day information when it comes to running a business, as it can help you stay on top of your competitors. If you are not able to track your selling history and data, you might need to find a new solution when it comes to your POS system. Your POS shoud offer you effective ways to sell items and include promotions and discounts in an efficient manner. 

5. Your physical and online store cannot be managed simultaneously

You shouldn't be managing two or more POS systems if you are running an online store and a physical one simultaneously. You should have just one place where all products are set up at once. This will give you better control over pricing and stock availability.

6. You have features which you don't need 

An update is definitely needed if your system is full of features which are outdated. These can slow donw your system's running time and efficiency, meaning that clients might not be satisfied with the speed of your service. 

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