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Water Heaters, Qormi, Malta
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As the world’s resources are increasingly being depleted given the consumerist lifestyle that is currently trending especially in the Western world, investing in environmentally-friendly equipment is the modern solution towards a greener world, one that takes into consideration our planet’s long-term wellbeing.

At Electrofix Group we bring you solar water heaters that are highly efficient, practical and long-lasting. Our solar water heaters generate extremely high returns and they require minimal maintenance, thereby complementing the busy lifestyles that characterise the modern age.

A good solar water heater is highly economical. In fact, it has been proven that investing in one of our solar water heaters will save you up to 90% on domestic electricity bills. Research shows that on average, a family of 4 will save over €525 per year on electricity bills while still enjoying hot water all day long!
The solar water heaters that we bring you are of the brand Solahart, which brand has installed more than 1 million systems in over 70 countries. The design of these solar water heaters is unrivalled in quality. Indeed Solahart water heaters were manufactured to be able to face the conditions of the harsh Australian weather. What is more, the brand Solahart is synonymous with rigorous testing, its systems undergoing rigorous checks to guarantee maximum efficiency to its end-users.

Investing in Solahart water heaters effectively means that your payback period will be extremely short. Notably, our water heaters come with a 15-year product warranty along with a 25-year performance warranty. Although Solahart is an international brand, we have a great after sales service network, ensuring that our customers enjoy a great service even after the product would have been purchased.
The outer tank of our solar water heaters is made of marine aluminum in order to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions including salt, mist and other chemicals that might corrode it. The inner tank is made of enamel, an extremely strong material that ensures corrosion resistance. The absorbing panel is made of black chrome to enable higher energy efficiency, thereby producing hot water whatever the weather. Finally, it carries a solar keymark certification.

Before investing in a solar water heater, it would be wise to ensure that your unit is correctly sized for your household. You should also check the details of the warranty on the performance and efficiency of your product in order to make sure that the performance loss is minimal as the years go by. You should also make sure that your system is professionally installed by a certified electrician who you should ask regarding how the system will be mounted or installed. Your system should also carry the Solar Keymark Certification for you to put your mind at rest that the product guarantees high quality in both performance and efficiency.

If you are thinking of a water heater, think solar. And if you are thinking about a solar water heater, think Solahart. Naturally, for Solahart, choose Electrofix. We are with you every step of the way, from consultation through to purchase and even after sale.

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