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Why you should opt for professionals when it comes to hoisting heavy materials.

by Damjan Transport Services

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Working easily with heavy loads is only possible if you hire a professional company to assist. Lifting and material handling, especially if it involves bulk equipment or machinery, furniture, appliances or other, must be done safely at all times. Hence, rather than try doing it yourself, here are some very important reasons when you need professionals' intervention to hoist heavy loads.

#1 Familiarity with the equipment

Hoisting heavy materials requires the appropropriate equipment together with the right ropes and pulleys to raise the load safely. Mounting all this with precision is definitely something which helps to reduce the risk of injuries during the whole process of hoisting. Moreover, it will also save you time that would have been otherwise wasted to purchase everything you need for DIY hoisting.

#2 Health and Safety 

Health and Safety is undoubtedly paramount when hoisting heavy materials and loads. By choosing a professional company that is rightly equipped with specialised equipment for the job is certainly the safest option. Moreover, a reputable company takes care of servicing and carries out maintenance checks on its equipment, on a regular basis. Like that you're always guaranteed peace of mind.

#3 Technical Advice

Hoisting equipment up to the sixth floor of an office building is different from hoisting furniture to the second floor of your house. Every building has its own specifications and characteristics. Plus, it could also be located in a narrow road or in another sort of space which causes various restrictions. A professional hoisting company has the solution to also work with limitations of space or other in order to make sure that no damage is done to the building and to the hoisting machinery. Thus, it's always best to discuss with the professionals to provide you with a proper plan beforehand.  

#4 Specialized hoisting equipment

Whether it's with a crane, lifter or a high-up, the professional company you hire possesses  different equipment and supplies for every type of job. Damjan Transport Services has a high-quality fleet of cranes which can carry 3 tons, 20 tons, 28 tons, 50 tons and 80 tons of load you need to hoist, you can certainly have the right equipment at your service in an efficient way. Our forklift can lift up to 5 tons in weight, therefore, we make it easy for you in every way possible. 

#5 Hoisting various types of loads

A professional company that invests in different equipment and machinery for hoisting will make it easier for you. Whether you wish to lift your brand new air conditioner to roof level  or need to hoist your boat to store during the winter months, it's possible with professional hoisting services. Other materials you can easily and safely lift when hiring professionals include building materials, concrete beams, gas cylinders and more!

Hoisting heavy materials can be a simple task if you refer to the right team of people. At Damjan Transport Services you can find reliable people committed to provide you with excellent customer service at all times. 

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