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Transerv Garage

Mellieha, Malta | Cab Service
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Vince Auto Dealer

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Did you mean a company called Cab Service?

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Cab Service in Malta & Gozo

What is a Cab Service?

A cab service is a car hire service where a vehicle driven by a chauffeur takes a passenger or multiple passengers to a chosen destination. This service is widely available in most countries around the world with a particular concentration in large cities or in areas where people typically need to move around quickly (such as business districts or airports).

Perhaps one of the most iconic cabs are the yellow cabs that can be seen going around New York City and that are typically hailed by prospective passengers standing on the pavement. However, cab services have been available to various degrees around the world since the late 19th century and they are effectively the successors of the popular horse drawn carriages that were available in major cities. In fact, the term cab has its origins from the word cabriolet, which was a colloquial word used in London to refer to a two or four horse carriage used to convey passengers prior to the popularisation of cars.

Cab Service in Malta and Gozo

There are various cab service providers operating in Malta and Gozo and it is very easy to find an operator that can accommodate your transportation requirements. For instance, many opt for a cab service to or from the Malta International Airport apart from transfers in Malta.

Cab rates may vary from operator to operator and the time of the day when the service is required since prices may be higher during peak hours. Nonetheless, tariffs are typically based on the distance between the start and end point of the journey. It is always advised to check the applicable fare with the driver prior to boarding the vehicle.

Vehicles are usually modern, air conditioned and very comfortable with some being equipped with wheelchair access and free WiFi. Drivers are English speaking and very often they are also able to converse in French and Italian.

It is possible to book a cab telephonically while some service providers have online booking systems which enable you to book your trip in advance. Mobile apps are also increasingly more popular since they conveniently enable you to book an instant service apart from giving you an approximate indication of the overall fare.

Choosing the Best Cab Service

Probably the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a cab service are reliability and affordability. If possible try to dedicate time to do some online research to see which company can offer you the best service within your budget and your desired parameters. It is helpful to ask acquaintances who use cab services frequently which operator they enjoy using the most since this gives you a good indication about reliability. 


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