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Bajada New Energy Ltd

Photovoltaic Systems, Marsa - Malta

Bajada New Energy Ltd

Photovoltaic Systems, Marsa, Malta
General Information

Are you looking to lower your energy costs, find a more efficient mode of heating your water and home, and above all, for a way to reduce your energy consumption, thus giving back to the environment rather than continuing to take from it? Here in Malta we are fortunate to have an immense wealth of sunshine every year. Therefore one of the best renewable energy sources for any home or business is a photovoltaic system. Additionally, PV systems are capable of doing anything a traditional power generator can, without the need for pollution-causing fuels and use of noisy motors.  

We at Bajada New Energy Ltd. represent the leading suppliers of photovoltaic (solar) systems in Malta. As a result we are entirely certain that we can help you find the exact solution to fit the needs of your home or business. We provide custom, tailor-made solutions based on each individual client’s energy usage needs. The systems we install are turnkey solutions, allowing for full operation on the day installation has been including. Individual PV systems come complete with all of the necessary equipment and materials needed in order to generate energy created from photons (light) from the sun.

Individual photovoltaic systems come with multiple solar panels (normally referred to as “modules”), support structures, wiring, inverters, meters, and various other equipment which is required according to the needs of specific individual applications. We supply our customers with high quality modules ranging from small to large electrical power requirements, suitable for both individual residential settings and corporate industrial settings, respectively. The brands we cover are LG, SANYO, Amerisolar, ET Solar, and Mitsubishi Electric, all of which offer comprehensive warranties and excellent quality products and services. Our individual water heater systems are highly efficient, generally saving customers upwards of 80% on their energy bills.

In addition to PV systems and solar hot water heaters we also provide our clients with highly efficient VRF air conditioning systems and water purification and filtration equipment which makes tap water fit for both drinking and cooking.

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Bajada New Energy Ltd
42b Qasam Industrijali ,
Marsa Malta MRS 3000
21 807 123
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