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Moving house? A few tips to ease your task

by ANT Removals

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Time to move!

Moving, whether it is your office or your home, can be quite overwhelming and in order to not fret and stress about it is important to do everything you can to make the transition easier. There are various things you can do in order to make sure to not hurt yourself, to not damage the items moved and also to make sure that you do not forget anything and nothing gets lost. Here you will find a list of things you should do when you are moving.

  • Make a list

Before you do anything you should first and foremost do a list of all the things that need to get done and this way you will make sure that you do not forget anything. This will also provide you with peace of mind knowing that everything is listed and nothing will be left out. You can keep adding as you go along but the most important thing is that you will not have to be relying on your memory during such a stressful time when your mind might be going on overdrive.

  • Search for the right removal company

Before you do anything else, you should make sure to look around and find the right removal company that will provide you with all the services that you need. It is better to call in advance so that you can be sure that they will be there on the day when you need them and that there aren't any delays. Another advantage of contacting professionals is that you put your mind at ease knowing that everything is in good hands.

This company will ideally provide you with packaging materials as well as packing of furniture. They will ensure that nothing gets damaged during the transportation and everything finds itself exactly where you needed it, without a scratch.

  • Start with less used rooms

Ofcourse, even during the process of moving you still need to use most of the stuff in your home, therefore, it is ideal that you start packing things that you do not use very much and work your way to other things that might be more important to have handy. You can also prepare a bag or a box that would contain all the things you would need immediately as soon as you start getting settled into your new home.

  • A good time to declutter

A company with experience, like ANT Removals, will provide you with a wide service and since moving is a perfect chance for you to declutter, they offer a decluttering service as well. This means you will not have to hassle about packing stuff that will not be needed.

  • Label your boxes well

It is very important to label your boxes well so that when you finally get to your new premises you can place each box where it needs to be and you will not have too many boxes lying around in the same area. You will also know whether the boxes are fragile or not and you can rest assured that the staff at ANT Removals will see to it that these boxes, as well as all the others, are well taken care of. 

You should also classify your boxes into either those that would be coming with you to your next home, for recycling or to donate. ANT Removals provides recycling services as part of their package as well.

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