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Qormi, Malta | Cleaning Services-General
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We are the most reliable and affordable cleaning services in Malta and Gozo, specialising in upholstery and carpet cleaning for every space across all kinds of properties using the latest cleaning products and technology to ensure optimal cleanliness

  •   Upholstery & curtain cleaning
  •   Well-trained professionals
  •   Rug & carpet cleaning
  •   Environmentally-friendly products
  •   High-end cleaning equipment
  •   Effective water extraction cleaning
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Cleaning Services in Malta and Gozo

Is your house in a mess after a wild party? Do your windows need a good polish after yesterday's storm? Too busy to conduct all the daily chores? Contact one of the cleaning companies listed on Yellow and pave your way toward a clean and tidy environment, which, in turn, will enhance your wellbeing. Whether you need to clean your home, a commercial establishment or an industrial space, there are several businesses which provide both general and specialised cleaning services to cater for all your needs.

Why outsource cleaning services?

Booking a professional cleaning company to execute all your required work carries with it a lot of benefits. It's both cost effective and time saving: there's no need to conduct interviews, recruit and train new cleaning personnel every few months or years. The cleaning company would have chosen its candidates with great care to provide reliable and hard-working individuals who conduct their work efficiently and who can be entrusted with your precious belongings. Cleaners may also be trained regularly on how to use more advanced equipment and more efficient cleaning methods. They will be supplied with all the necessary products to carry out all the required cleaning so you need not worry about ordering supplies. Cleaning will be done in a more professional manner using high quality products. Additionally, you can choose the time and date when you want the cleaning to be done. Cleaning businesses are usually quite flexible and will work around your needs. The job will always be done as they will provide replacements in case of sick leave and vacation leave, and will schedule work accordingly. What are you waiting for to leave the cleaning to the specialists.

Housekeeping and Maids

Whether you need occasional help with keeping your home tidy, a regular service, or just a one-time clean-up job, many cleaning companies offer housekeeping and maid services adjusted to your individual needs. You decide what you want done. Basic chores would include washing, sweeping, vacuuming, furniture cleaning and bathroom sanitisation. Additionally, they can also carry out laundry and ironing jobs. Too busy to handle all the necessary house cleaning? Suffering from restricted mobility due to a broken leg or are you just getting old? With the help of the cleaning specialists, you can enjoy some quality time with your family and take care of your physical health. Hosting a party at home? Maid service can be booked for both during and after the event to retain a clean living space throughout.   

Specialised cleaning

Along with general cleaning services, some companies may also offer specialised cleaning for more particular surfaces. Common services they may provide include carpet and upholstery washing, mattress and sofa cleaning, vinyl floor polishing, interior and exterior boat and aircraft cleaning, ceiling fan and solar panel cleaning, removal of chewing gum, pool sterilisation, escalator cleaning, and kitchen deep cleansing to remove scaling and greasing (in the meantime we have rounded up some great tips to help you keep your kitchen clean on a day-to-day basis). Do you have high windows which are hard to reach? Several businesses have specialised equipment to provide secure window cleaning using ladders and high ups.

Industrial & Commercial Cleaning

Apart from catering for residential spaces, several cleaning companies provide trained staff to maintain your commercial or industrial premises. If you are looking to outsource qualified personnel for your 4 or 5 star hotel, restaurant, school, retail outlet or any other commercial establishment, you can find chambermaids and cleaners who can work around your schedule and carry out all the necessary work to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Interested in outsourcing office cleaning? From office floor washing and vacuuming, desk and chair scrubbing, bathroom disinfection, soap refill, and emptying of waste bins, a clean and tidy environment will help your employees be more productive. Moreover, a clean space will enhance the impression you make on your visitors and your clients.

Need professional medical cleaning? Cleaning specialists will do their utmost to avoid contamination and eradicate all germs which may pose a health risk to the vulnerable patients.

Industrial cleaning requires specialised equipment which is able to clean machinery and unaccessible corners. The cleaning experts will use high pressure cleaning machines to remove oil stains and any other waste.

Some companies also offer public area cleaning such as road and pavement sweeping, removal of graffiti, emptying of bins, and public toilet disinfection.

Emergency cleaning

Are you undergoing an emergency situation which requires immediate cleaning? You can contact companies which offer 24/7 services to manage fire or water damage at any time of the day or night, and on any day of the week. They can be called at short notice in order to start immediately and avoid further damage.


Cleaning firms offer tailored services to each individual and business to cater for each of their requirements. From day to day cleaning, to weekly and monthly contracts, and one-off spring cleaning, you'll be able to customise any agreement accordingly.

They offer condominium cleaning services in an endeavour to help landlords provide clean apartments to new tenants every time, and thus ensure satisfaction.

Have you just finished a construction venture? Does all the cleaning seem too daunting? A number of businesses may offer first time cleaning services for newly built apartment blocks or commercial establishments. Removing all the dust and debris is crucial in order to commence the finishing stages such as plastering and tiling.

Unsure what type of cleaning services you need? Some specialists go on-site to analyse the space, determine your needs and come up with an effective plan which maximises time and resources. They will guide you on the number of personnel you need, depending on your budget and your expectations. A number of them may also offer equipment leasing.


Prices vary according to the number of personnel booked, the type of work required, the time taken to complete all the work and the size of the space which needs to be covered. Prices for services such as vinyl and concrete floor polishing can be calculated per square meter, while mattress cleaning and deep cleaning of upholstery, rugs and carpets, can have fixed prices.

Explore the vast range of cleaning and housekeeping services in Malta and Gozo. No matter how tight your budget is, how big your space is, and how vast your needs are, you'll surely find a company which fits the bill on Yellow.

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