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Aluminium Apertures and Fixtures in Malta and Gozo

A versatile material like no other, aluminium started being used in drains and wall panels and for decorative purposes back in the 1920s, however, it was not until the 1940s that the material's popularity saw a surge and started being utilised in construction and for the production of planes. Today, it is literally used for anything and everything, ranging from kitchenware and refrigerators to electric power lines and computers.

So if you're finishing your home or commercial property and wondering whether you should go with aluminium apertures, have a look at the benefits of this metal below.

Aluminium Doors and Windows

Known for being lightweight yet strong, resistant to corrosion and durable, while it's easy to maintain, aluminium has become the most sought-after material when it comes to all kinds of apertures. The fact that is malleable means that it can produce energy-saving components with high density, while it is known for its energy efficiency. Yet, it has become the material of choice not only due to its aforementioned benefits but also due to its versatility and variety in both colours and style.


A quick glance around you will reveal a number of aluminium front doors that combine high-quality profiles with engineering excellence and style. However, the options do not end with the simple front door.

Central pivot door - mainly used for larger openings and featuring one large glass pane, these type of doors are the ultimate choice for a sleek and modern style, while the fact that it swivels 360 degrees makes cleaning it a breeze.

Folding doors - make the most of the opening available thanks to this type of door that can be folded and slid to the side.

Parallel door - this door is usually applied in less trafficked areas since it needs a frame for it to operate.


Sliding apertures - among the most common solutions for any type of aperture, the sliding variety offers the easiest functionality while if you're looking to add insect screens, these can be easily installed on the inside. One thing you must ensure is that these type of apertures must be fitted with the best quality wheels and drain flaps to avoid any problems.

Hinged apertures - another common alternative reminiscent of times gone by are hinged apertures, which can be produced to open outwards or inwards.

Bottom hung windows - originally used in high-rise buildings where traditional windows cannot be installed for safety purposes yet ventilation is needed, these can be operated either manually, electrically or via a remote control.

Fixed apertures - perhaps one of the least common types of apertures, predominantly used in commercial properties, these are ideal for when your establishment has panoramic views you'd like to highlight. Full glass openings are also available depending on the measurements.

What's more, when it comes to this material you can select any possible colour you desire, although the most popular ones remain, as always, black, white and grey, whereas older properties tend to sport the gold and silver variety. Many suppliers can also replicate wood with aluminium which look identical to real wood but unlike wooden apertures, they carry a fraction of the cost, they do not need to be repainted every so often, while they are not prone to insects like termites, wood's worst enemy. As a result, aluminium is perfect for any space and any style.

Lastly, insect screens are one more element that most homeowners typically want to have installed in their dwellings and it's not hard to understand why. Our hot and humid summers call for an increase in insect activity which means that your home will be swarmed with flies and mosquitos.

Would you like to keep the cold out and the heat in? Opt for thermally insulated aluminium which reduces the loss of thermal energy or alternatively, go for windows and doors with double glazing.

What are the uses of aluminium?

Although mainly associated with apertures and doors, in essence, this metal is highly adaptable, employed for a variety of other uses. For instance, it is very often used for different outdoor and indoor solutions including canopies, conservatories, door handles, louvres, gates and fencing, letterboxes and ladders, skylights and custom-made railing systems and even furniture like cupboards. Locally, it is also used for the traditional Maltese balconies.

Local suppliers can create any sort of work based on your requirements and budget. In addition, the majority also offer repair services such as replacing rubbers or rollers, mending corroded hinges, faulty locks or handles, adding sealing where needed, while they can also renovate glass and insect screens.


It is common for aluminium suppliers to offer free on-site quotations, however, prices will vary depending on the size of the project and the materials to be used. For this reason, ensure that you contact more than one supplier to compare prices and services. One thing to also keep in mind is time frames. Depending on the amount of work the supplier is booked for, your order may take anywhere between a few weeks to several months to be completed.



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