How to remove distractions while studying

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Yikes! The dreaded exam season is right around the corner for some of us… If you’ve been struggling to get into a good place and get studying, here are 8 tips you should keep in mind while trying to avoid distractions.

1. Concentration playlist/white noise

Research has shown that without background music, the quality of work can lack. Make sure to put on some white noise or a classical music playlist in order to stimulate productivity and encourage concentration.

2. Noise cancelling headphone

Although music can help, unless you’ve got some good headphones, your efforts will be futile. Invest in some noise cancelling headphones in order to block out the outside world and focus on the task at hand – they’ll work wonders for your studying!

3. Apps

There are apps out there which have built with you in mind. Head out to the app store and download some concentration apps that will help you avoid getting distracted. Some apps will keep notifications at bay while others will reward you for not touching your phone. There’s something for everyone!

4. Healthy food and drinks

Let’s face it, most of you stop studying to grab some food or beverage. Next time, before you sit down to study, grab some brain stimulating snacks such as nuts and blueberries and keep some water or green tea close by to reduce the number of times you leave your workstation.

5. Be comfortable

Get comfortable! Put on loose fitting clothes, anything that will motivate you to work and won’t have you standing up every so often to fix your high riding pants or your small shirt. If it’s cold, keep a hot water bottle nearby to avoid freezing, if it’s cold; keep a fan close by.

6. Pick your space

By now you should be well accustomed to the place you work best in. If not, maybe it’s time you find the one for you. If you work best in silent places, the library might be for you, if you like some commotion around you to keep you motivated, opt for a more public space like a cafeteria. Whatever you do, make sure your desk is not cluttered – or else you’ll end up playing with the rubber band close to you and creating origami with the pile of sticky notes in front of you.

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7. Have all the essentials close by

Just like with food and drinks, make sure you have all the essentials close by. Be it notes, stationery, paper…keep it next to you! You don’t want to be standing up every few minutes to grab an eraser or a chapter from your notes. That will only make you lose your concentration every time.

8. To-do list

There’s nothing worse than trying to concentrate while you’ve got a million of tasks floating around in your brain. Keep a little notebook close by or a handy to-do list. Whenever you remember you’ve got something to do, jot a little note down and get it out of your mind for the time being.

The Yellow team wishes you the best of luck in your exams. Share your tips and tricks for studying with us!

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