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Ten affordable hobbies you could start today

by Yellow 797 Days

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Everyone should have a hobby. Something that takes you away from the daily routine, allows you to escape, blow off steam, relax or do something creative. There are many reasons that hobbies are good for us as there are hobbies to take up. Even the busiest people should make time for themselves, which is why we have collected what we think are ten affordable hobbies you could start today.
So there's no excuse. Find a hobby you like and invest some time and effort into it. You might just find a new calling in life!

1. Hiking or walking

We live on a lovely island and while not the largest, it is certainly the most beautiful place to live. Even if you think you know it well, there are always new places to explore. For the price of a pair of good boots and a rucksack, you could explore all those hidden corners of the island.

2. Reading

can be free or very cheap depending on how and where you do it. Reading online is free if you have an internet-enabled computer or phone. It is also cheap if you prefer books. New books are plentiful in town and finding used books is an entire hobby in itself!

3. Cooking or baking

While we have to cook as part of family life, learning a new cuisine or new skills is rewarding in its own right and can be useful in daily life. Take cooking lessons or buy a recipe book, get together with friends or try it alone. Whatever suits you.

4. Sewing

Sewing is quite a relaxing hobby that is easy to get into. Using a machine ups the price of entry a bit but there are plenty of ways to sew without one. Embroidery is one way of trying the hobby without spending too much and can produce some very decorative pieces.

5. Learn a new language

It has never been easier to learn something new. With the power of the internet, it is now simple to learn a new language up to a very advanced standard. There are dedicated websites for language exchanges and plenty of free and premium software to help you learn something new.

6. Genealogy

Malta has a long and colourful history so why not research how your family played a part in it? Building a family tree is an engrossing hobby that can be as fascinating as it is addictive. The end result is a clear idea of who you are and where you came from. You might even find a few surprises!

7. Gardening

If your idea of gardening is pulling up weeds and making sure the grass is cut, why not expand that a bit? It's an excuse to get outside, to be active and to learn some new skills. At the end of it all, you get a lovely looking outside space too.

8. Start a blog

If you can write well, why not start a blog? It's relatively easy if you're comfortable on a computer and you can start one forĀ 
free to begin with. You can always expand it and make it more impressive as you develop but you can begin for no cost whatsoever.

9. Painting or drawing

One of the advantages of living in Malta is the sheer number of beautiful landscapes and points of interest everywhere on the island. If you're the arty type, you will never run out of scenes to recreate or inspiration for your very own pieces. Plus you get to spend time outside!

10. Learn an instrument

If music be the food of love, play on. Learning a musical instrument is a great way to spend time. You can book lessons or find a friend to teach you. Either way, unless you need to buy a grand piano, it can be a relatively cheap but very rewarding hobby.

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