How to choose the right hotel for your getaway

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We know you’ve been checking out flights for your winter getaway, trust us, so have we.  Although there is a limited choice of airlines, there are thousands of hotels out there for you to choose from.  Here are 4 steps you can take when choosing the ideal hotel for you.


The first thing you have to do is consider location. You don’t want to settle 3 hours away from the city if you’re planning on touring its surroundings, then again you need to also conduct some research on the neighbourhood. Some streets may get dangerous at night, especially for a tourist carrying a camera around their neck.

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2. Prices

If you’re tight on money, filtering hotels by the price should be the next step you take. Finding the hotel of your dreams only to realise you can’t afford it can be quite frustrating. Hotel-booking agencies usually have hotels varying from €15 a night to suites going for €400 daily. Of course, prices will vary according to the number of people travelling  and dates.

3. Amenities

Now that you’ve narrowed your selection down to a couple of hotels, it’s time to start filtering out the ones you’d never get through a night in. Check out the pictures of the rooms and make sure they accommodate every need you have. Do they have wifi? A pool to freshen up in, or indoor pool to enjoy on rainy days? A games room for the kids?

4. Reviews

If you’re stuck between 2-3 hotels that are more or less the same price and offer similar amenities, we suggest you take a look at the reviews. There are some pretty great marketing teams behind some horrible businesses. Past customers speak the truth so they’re the ones you should be relying on. There will always be some bad reviews, so don’t go searching for a fountain of perfection but some hotels will surely stand out from the others.

Now that we’ve shared with you, our process, head on to one of the 73 travel agencies on the island to book your hotel! Safe travels!

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