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All You Need to Know About Lifts & Escalators

by Topserv Lifts

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Lifts and escalators are a major convenience, especially for offices and public places, such as airports and hospitals. However, there is a growing tendency for investing in elevators also in residential buildings. There are several factors to think about before investing in a lift or escalator, check what to consider.

Lift’s capacity

You need to establish who will be using the lift and what capacity it will require to fit the needs. For a small residential building an elevator with the capacity to accommodate 1 to 5 people should be enough. You can think about bigger one if you want to include an extra room to allow people transport small furniture. For bigger premises, especially involving carrying heavy objects, capacity should be much bigger. Keep in mind that every elevator made for people should be able to accommodate a wheelchair and buttons have to be reachable from it. There are various sizes and capacities available, also custom-made elevators to suit specific needs. Ask your provider what he can propose to suit your building best.

New and existing buildings

Designing a place for lift or escalator for a new building is much easier as you just design the shaft into plans or count the needed height and length for an escalator. Building a shaft in an existing building or creating an extra area for the escalator can be a hassle, especially in case of older architecture with limited spacing. Another thing to consider in case of a lift is if you have a place for the machine room or you prefer an elevator which doesn’t need it at all.


The first and the biggest concern of installing a lift or escalator is the safety matter. Elevators have multiple safety regulations to fit. Already at the planning stage you have to consider how much space to dedicate for a shaft and ensure that the maximum weight capacity you are planning is sufficient for the building. Make sure the alarm system is working correctly, there is a power backup and chain brake system.


With the safety regulations in mind, adjust style of the lift to a building you’re installing it in. Modern work offices would have different designs than luxurious residential buildings. Keep in mind future maintenance requirements. For example, glass and mirrors will require more frequent cleaning.


The right escalator will fit into traffic needs and optimize energy consumption. Capacity and length can be adjusted to your needs and specifications. With the latest energy saving technologies escalators are becoming more convenient and cost effective option.


Installation of a lift should be conducted by a professional company with qualified and trained employees. Ensure they have appropriate knowledge before entrusting them with your project.

Emergency service

Ask your provider if he offers 24h emergency assistance in case of any problems. It’s important to have such service as even the best quality equipment can be faulty and there are many external factors which can't be controlled or predicted. If someone is trapped inside an elevator you need prompt response and get the required help in no time.

Insurance and routine checks

It is a legal obligation to have routine inspections of lifts by a competent person. Elevators in commercial buildings need to be checked every 6 months and lifts in residential buildings once a year. Records of such inspection have to be kept along with issued certificates. You can as well ask your provider if he offers insurance option if you wish to be additionally secured.


Always purchase an elevator or escalator from a manufacturer who provides long warranty period. Duration of warranty period says a lot about the quality of the product you’re purchasing

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