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Freight Your Goods Safe & Sound

by YELLOW 125 Days

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When entrusting someone with your package, regardless if it's personal or company property, you want it delivered on time, in the same condition as it was sent. You might choose different freight options and delivery methods. However, the most important choice is a company you are going to work with. Freight forwarder needs to be reputable and has a proper experience in your product sector and country of destination. Check what to pay attention to before making that final call.

Type of product

The most important is to choose someone who can handle your type of cargo. If there are any special requirements and it needs special care, you will need someone with experience and skills to transport it. You also need to decide which kind of transportation will be the best and the most efficient, taking under consideration time and conditions your products needs. If you're not sure ask for advice.


Depending on a destination, your choices can be limited, but you can choose between air freight, sea freight and road transport. If needed, you can combine them up to your preferences. Time of delivery and conditions of transport will differ depending on which one you choose, so consider in which one your product will have the most appropriate conditions.


Ask about insurance options and terms and conditions of it. Make sure you understand it fully and that your product is insured in case of any damage, theft or loss. If you need any special protection, ask for additional insurance against unexpected events. In case your product is time sensitive, inquire about consequences of delays and quality loss.


Experience is crucial, both in case of your product type and country you are exporting or importing to. An experienced company will be faster, more efficient and most likely will perform better in case of any unexpected events. Ask a freight forwarder for a list of previous clients and give them a call yourself to have a better idea how the company is functioning.


Good reputation is a must when deciding on a freight forwarder. Regardless of a sensitivity of your product, you want to send it and receive it in good condition, on time and with all the necessary custom documentations and certifications. To ensure the process will go smoothly, you need a company with a selection of clients who happily use their services. Ask people around who have similar products to yours and how they transported them and who they recommend.  


Depending on your needs, you can choose between different delivery options. Usually, you can decide between door-to-door delivery, which saves you the hassle of going anywhere to pick up your product. However, delivery could be done just to an airport or port, or if possible, a company could store your package in a warehouse for an agreed amount of time.


Ask for a detailed quotation, including shipping rates and delivery costs. If possible, inquire to have different quotations for all types of available delivery options. It’s important to know how the price is calculated and the cost of different parts of the process.


Ask about agents and connections that freight forwarders have in the country you are importing to or exporting from. The bigger the network the better, as in case of any unexpected events, such as strikes or accidents, they can find another way around to deliver your product safely and on time.


A freight company can have a great recommendation and a lot of experience in, for example, shipments to Brazil. However, if you are planning to ship your product to Greece, it might not be the best choice. Different countries have various requirements and need different types of documentations, certificates and approaches. Even if a company has great reviews, but specialise in a different direction than yours, it might still be a no go. Try to choose someone who has experience with the country you are planning to ship.

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