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Where to Buy Car Parts

by Joem Auto Parts

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If you want to replace a broken part in a car you most likely want to do it fast, good and cheap. However, it might be difficult to achieve as there are many factors to consider before choosing the right supplier for your auto part. Check what you should pay attention to and how to choose the right solution for your problem.

Types of parts

There are different types of replacement parts to choose from.

Original parts you can purchase from your dealership and are the most expensive solution. They are authorised parts which come with a manufacturer warranty and are usually recommended for new cars.

OEM parts, which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. They are produced by subtracted companies which have the manufacturer’s approval. They have the same specification as original parts but are relatively cheaper.

Aftermarket parts are produced by third companies which bought the rights to produce parts for certain brands. Parts have to fit the same standard, however, they might look slightly different than genuine parts or OEM parts.

Apart from deciding on a manufacturer, you might also want to consider in what condition you want your part to be.

New parts, as the name suggest, new parts have never been used before and come straight out of the production line.

Rebuilt parts are used before however, they can perform as good as new parts and usually have a long lifespan as they were dismantled and refitted with new components.

Used parts, also called recycled, are the cheapest solution for replacement, however, they are suggested mostly for parts that usually don’t break easily, such as handles or door trims.

You might also come across refurbished parts, which are used parts cleaned and modified, but not dismantled.


Before you start looking for the part you need, think about your car. The first question to ask is, how old is it? For newer cars you might want to choose an original part, not to lose the warranty you have. Even if a certain part lost its warranty period, if you replace it with something not authorised the whole car loses its guarantee. The older the car, the less you might want to invest, thinking about the future and possibly changing it in some time. There is no general answer to which type of part is the best, as it depends on your car and needs. For example, if you need a new engine, you might want to buy it new. On the other hand, that’s the most expensive purchase and you might not want to invest in it so much. The general approach is that regardless which part you are buying, you need to make sure that it was properly tested, fits general standards and your needs.

Part’s details

Make sure that you write down all the specifications of the needed part and your car. If possible, you might want to bring it with you. It’s crucial that, regardless from whom you buy it, you get a part which fits perfectly and matches the same details and performance as your old part.


After you establish what exactly you are looking for, find a reputable supplier, who can find the best value for money. Always make sure that the part he offers has all details and specifications listed, including the manufacturer. You might want to choose someone who is specialising in your brand or car type. It’s also probable that such supplier will have the needed part in stock so you can avoid waiting for a shipment.


Ask your supplier about possible installation and the cost of it. It might be more convenient for you to make it at the same place and ensure that the part, in fact, fits perfectly in your car.


Warrant of a part depends if it’s a new or used one. However, to avoid despair in case it breaks down shortly after replacement, choose the part which offers guarantee. Length might vary depending on the supplier and manufacturer.

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