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6 Tips to help you pick which pet to adopt

by Mr. Yellow

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Pets enter our lives in many different ways: a chance encounter with a stray,  a child’s insistence, or an inner voice telling us it’s time to open our heart to a new type of love. 

If you’re thinking of adopting a pet, but don’t know what kind of pet to pick, here are a few tips to guide you.

No matter what you decide, you need to first ensure that everyone at home is willing to welcome a new family member.

Space - How big is your home?


The environment you live in plays a key role in the type of pet you choose. Do you have a large home with a big garden? Or do you live in a studio apartment? How house proud are you? Can you live with a scratch on your sofa?

While small, contained pets like fish or house birds need little space, most adoptable four-legged animals need more room to stretch their legs.

Lifestyle - How active are you?


Your lifestyle is another important determining factor in your choice of pet. If you’re the active type, walking a dog every day will come easy. But if you spend most of your free time on your sofa, a cat might be a better option.

If you travel often for work or leisure, you need to be prepared to make the necessary arrangements to ensure your pet is cared for while you’re away. Pet boarding is an option, if you can’t leave your pet with relatives or friends.

Finances - How much cash can you spare?


Pets can be expensive. Apart from the initial costs, you need to factor in recurring costs like food and vet appointments, not to mention potentially damaged furniture.

Also keep in mind the unforeseen - your pet might develop a health problem that may require costly medicine. 

Time - Are you free for your pet?


If you lead a hectic lifestyle and spend most of your day out of the house, there’s no doubt you should get a smaller pet.

All animals benefit from spending time with their human owners, but some need it more than others. Apart from time to socialise with your pet, you also need to dedicate time to feed, groom and care for them.

Medical - Do you suffer from allergies?

sneezy cat.gif

It helps to make sure that no one in your family suffers from allergies to the pet you plan on adopting. The last thing you’d want is to grow to love a pet you then have to re-home due to allergic reactions. So do your homework before you bond.

Research - Do you know enough?


Once you’ve figured out the ideal type of pet for you and your family, the next step is to learn as much as you can about the animal and breed you’d like to adopt before you sign any adoption papers.

This will ensure you are prepared to deal with your pet’s particular personality and lifestyle, so that they can live a happy and healthy life with you.

The only remaining step is to go ahead and make it happen. Visit one of the pet shops listed on Yellow for everything you’ll need to make your pet feel welcome and loved.

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