Valentine’s gift ideas for her

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Red and pink hearts are scattered all over during the day! Yes, it’s Valentine’s and it’s right around the corner. Haven’t gotten a gift yet? No need to worry one bit. We have some basic inspiration for the occasion to gift your significant other with something which will have her mooning over you!


If your girl likes to keep it low-key, but still appreciates the small sentiment, you can never go wrong with a traditional box of chocolates. It would make the perfect gift to nibble on during an evening of cuddles.

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Notice how we kept it general by saying flowers and not roses here. Not all girls prefer roses over other flowers. Trust us, everyone would appreciate receiving a bunch of their favourite flowers on Valentine’s day.


Perfume is the kind of item not many people would purchase for themselves. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to gift your loved one with a perfume that reflects the mood of your relationship or their personality.


Have you seen her eyeing an eyeshadow palette for weeks? Hashtagging it on Instagram? Go ahead and surprise her by showing her that you really notice her interests. Makeup is always appreciated, especially since it’s an essential for day-to-day use.

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If you want to go all out, this year round, gift your significant other with a rendezvous. It can be as simple as booking an all-inclusive weekend break at a local hotel or go the extra mile by purchasing airline tickets to a romantic country such as France or Italy.

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Want to take the opportunity to pop the BIG question? Or get her something that she can keep forever? Jewellery is the perfect gift! Get her a nice ring or a necklace that will make her think of you every time she wears it!

We hope we’ve eased your panic in the gift department – happy Valentine’s day!

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